Fortnite is back on iPhone thanks to … Nvidia


It has now been a year and a half since the very popular video game Fortnite left the iPhone. The Apple brand phones were however products of choice for Epic Games, the game publisher, which had millions of players there, bringing in hundreds of thousands of euros with in-app purchases every month.

But now, Epic Games did not want to leave a crumb (30%) to the competition. And faced with the commissions taken by Apple on purchases made in applications downloaded with the App Store, Fortnite said stop. As a result, the game was banned, and a long legal battle ensued.

Apple vs Epic Games: No loser, no winner

In the end, the status quo seems to have won, Fortnite not having reversed its positions, and therefore on the App Store, and on the other side, although more contested than ever, Apple’s commissions allow always at the Apple to earn millions of dollars.

The big losers therefore seem to be the players who no longer had the means to benefit from Fortnite on iOS. But now a third actor, to say the least unexpected, comes to make his appearance in the middle of the other two. Indeed, Nvidia offers through its streaming game service to launch a game of Fortnite, even on an iOS product.

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Fortnite back on iPhone? Nothing less sure

A real revolution for Fortnite players who have not touched the game on an iPhone for almost 18 months. If for the moment the service is only available in closed beta, it is a first step towards the return of Fortnite on iPhone.

However, this workaround may not last very long. Indeed, the two companies no longer appreciate each other, and a new legal battle should not take long to hatch, Apple like Epic Games having appealed the first court decision.

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