Foxconn and consorts would turn to new addresses


This is the concern that reigns in China at the moment. Indeed, on site usually run the largest iPhone assembly plants (and their spare parts). But not long ago, the government, panicked by the progress of the coronavirus epidemic, has chosen to place millions of inhabitants and therefore workers working in the buildings in question under strict quarantine. Worse still: some addresses have simply closed their doors.

Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst at TFI Securities, knows a lot about the subject. The man is regularly consulted by Apple shareholders to find out what the group is preparing. On the occasion of a post published on his brand new Twitter account, the researcher gives us an informed analysis of the situation to understand how Apple intends to react to these events.

“Stock” !

For Kuo, the situation would have actually been anticipated for a long time by Apple. Indeed, the famous disease that has paralyzed the globe for nearly two and a half years now had already caused serious slowdowns in China in its early stages. The Cupertino punters then quickly had to set up a strategy to get out of it, this one having never been fully applied. And for good reason: the Middle Kingdom has never experienced either the second wave or the following ones, if we exclude of course the current one.

Today, on the other hand, the region is indeed facing a colossal increase in the number of contaminations within its borders. It was enough for Apple to put its plan into action. This, which consists of diversify the origin of subcontractors in order to get away from confined localities, is already on the way according to several specialized media.

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Neighboring countries in support

But then, who are the lucky ones? In all likelihood, the big winner in this case is above all theIndia. Hon Hai has a major production center there in the southeast, to supply Apple. The peninsula is also invested by the giant Wistron, which we have seen in particular at the helm of the second generation iPhone SE.

This information had already been mentioned in the press in recent days, but a confirmation signed Kuo seemed more than judicious to share in view of its history.

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