Foxconn could soon produce some of the iPads outside of China

Foxconn sous-traitant Apple Chine

The movement is far from trivial. For the first time, Foxconn could move part of iPad production out of China. The Taiwanese firm should thus manufacture these devices in Vietnam next year.

The relationship between Foxconn and Apple would not be good

Apple would be here to maneuver. The Cupertino company does indeed take a dim view of its excessive dependence on China. An awareness that would have arisen as a result of the trade conflict between the United States and the Middle Empire. Although Donald Trump leaves the White House in January, the arrival of Joe Biden will not solve everything and tensions could remain between the two countries.

Therefore, as is already the case for the iPhone, the Apple brand prefers to produce some of these devices outside of China. Foxconn declined to comment on this information because Apple requires its subcontractors to respect a confidentiality clause.

As a reminder, the relationship between Foxconn and Apple would not be in good shape and we told you last month about this investigation of The Information according to which the Taiwanese company has somewhat deceived the confidence of the tech giant. For example, Foxconn allegedly let Google employees visit a factory that made the metal frame for the 12-inch MacBook. Which, we can imagine, is not really to Apple’s taste.

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