Foxconn invests in electric car assembly in China

Byton M-Byte

While waiting for the Apple Car, the major historic subcontractors of the Apple brand are preparing in their own way. Foxconn is no exception. The Taiwanese company has just signed a contract with Chinese manufacturer Byton to produce the brand’s first electric car by 2022.

Foxconn has planned to invest nearly $ 200 million in the assembly of electric cars according to Bloomberg. This announcement echoes the many rumors around the Apple Car, which have been popping up on the web for several days.

While Foxconn was currently known to produce iPhones and other Apple-branded products, the Taiwanese subcontractor plans to diversify over the next few years.

This development announcement from Foxconn factories suggests that Apple will want to produce its own Apple, Car. An idea that had formed the basis of the Titan project in 2014, but for a few years an alliance with an installed car manufacturer was possible for Apple, which did not seem to want to embark on the very complex large-scale production of electric cars.

An Apple, Because 100% Apple?

While it’s obvious to many experts that Apple shouldn’t have a hard time designing a connected and smart car, which is more of a computer on wheels than a car with a computer, a number of brand experts at Apple are very reserved when it comes to the firm’s ability to build its own cars?

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The automotive industry is a very complex world that requires a lot of experience or a very long learning time (Tesla took years to have a reliable production line) two things that Apple will not have when it comes out of its market. car.

The development time of the product will have been too short for the Apple to have enough experience in the field (here we are talking about decades), and the customers of the Cupertino company will be very critical of the Apple Car. If the latter is not perfect on the day of its release, its launch may be the target of a lot of mockery.

The alliance with a major manufacturer was therefore the best solution for Apple, in order to minimize the risks of a bad start. But Foxconn does not seem to count on it for the future of the Apple. – Official app

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