FR-Alert is launched to alert the population of certain dangers


According to the latest information from the Ministry of the Interior, the FR-Alert system is now operational for all 4G smartphones of the market. This solution allows the authorities to warn you in the event of serious danger with a message sent via radio waves. In theory, you will therefore receive it, including in the event of a capricious network.

The system has already proven itself and is used on both iPhone and Android in several European countries including Romania. There are several levels of alerts that you can or cannot accept from the Settings. In Transylvania, for example, users are informed by this means of the presence of brown bears on their route, while in Bucharest violent storms are announced there for the sake of road safety.

What do these alerts contain?

According to the official government website, which supports the operation, the messages sent by FR-Alert include several key data such as the nature of the risk: it may be a fire, a serious accident or floods blocking traffic. You can also find there tips to follow to protect yourself, such as confining yourself or evacuating the area without waiting to take refuge in a more secure place.

The location of the danger is generally also involved, and thus makes it possible to correct any targeting errors. Be aware that messages are sent without your consent; their reception is activated by default on all new mobiles currently marketed in Europe. What’s more, a shrill sound will accompany the alert, even if your device is in silent mode.

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The iPhone 13s on hold

For the moment, it therefore seems that 5G smartphones are not affected by this novelty. Moreover, we do not know precisely when they will be, nevertheless the government ensures that it is working with the operators for an upcoming deployment.

If you have an iPhone 13, an iPhone 13 mini, an iPhone 13 Pro or an iPhone 13 Pro Max in your pocket, you will therefore have to wait. Ditto for the entire iPhone 12 range and for the third generation iPhone SE which arrived in France a few months ago.

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