France refuses to allow motorcycles to pass the ITV

France refuses to allow motorcycles to pass the ITV

The European Comission in 2012 promoted a ITV for the motorcycles and mopedssimilar to the one that currently exists in Spain and other surrounding countries, and that should be extended to the entire EU. But the obligatory nature of this periodic inspection, which in France is named Technical Controlmobilized the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) already own French Federation of Motorcycling (FFM).

Finally, and after numerous discussions between the administration and those affected, the GoGallic government has yielded to the claims of motorists repealing definitively these obligatory controls for the motorcycles and mopeds, a decision that has been validated by the Council of State.

And it was a historic victory for the users of two wheels, since the European Parliament itself tried in 2021 abolish this derogation in vain.

It was from that moment that the French bikers mobilized. Tens of thousands rallied in the streets to oppose mandatory periodic reviews that they saw as unnecessary and denouncing an end purely collection in the imposition.

They immediately received the support of the numerous associations and the national motorcyclist federation, which made the argument their own. They do not exist evidence in France that the inspection improve Road safety. In fact, motorcycle accidents due to a mechanical failure represent a 0.7%. On Netherlands and Finland, with very low accident rate on two wheels, They do not impose a periodic ITV on motorcycles.

Social discrimination

To the above, the representatives of the French motorcyclists also added a social consideration to oppose the measure. The users who cannot change motorcycles would often be the most harmedhaving to pay more controls (one per year from the age of seven of the vehicle).

During the repeated encounters with the authorities, the motorcyclists’ representatives also did not compromise with the ecological approach for the renovation of the park. The scrapping of half-used or even amortized motorcycles entails, as a whole, a negative ecological balance that the minor emissions of the new models.

In the end and after innumerable deliberations, the categorical no to the inspections raised by the bikers and the derogation should be published officially next April 8.

The noise of motorcycles

However, the negotiations between both parties have also contemplated a series of alternative measures which, once defined, must be approved by the EU. In terms of safety, they establish an improvement in road training, both in schools as in learning drivers. And it also proposes the installation of blind spot detectors in heavy vehicles, which are the origin of many motorcycle accidents.

Regarding the environment, these complementary decisions to the agreement advocate tighten the rules surveillance of the noises exhaust. The proposal is to install sound radars and an increase in penalties for non-compliance with regulations.

In addition, it raises the approval from new aid to acquire motorcycles electrical (up to 6,000 euros), which will also be applied in the case of retrofit (convert traditional motor vehicles to electric).

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