Francisca from Despierta América, exclusively, days before the wedding, reveals where and with whom she would have liked to be that day

Francisca from Despierta América, exclusively, days before the wedding, reveals where and with whom she would have liked to be that day

There are only days left to fulfill that pending dream that he has had for more than two years: marry the love of her life and father of her son Gennaro, Francesco Zampogna… almost ready and in the Dominican Republic, where the event will be, Francisca Méndez-Zampogna, exclusively reveals where and with whom she would have liked to be that day.

Where? In a big stadium, with whom? with all the public that put it in the place it is today. Yes, she exclusively confessed to us that she would have loved it if all those people who follow her from ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ had had the opportunity to accompany her.

For now, we tell you that From this Monday, May 2, and from the place where the great religious event will take place, Francisca will begin a segment called ‘The Wedding Diary’ on ‘Despierta América’, where she will reveal all the details and he will even show reality type what he will live until he reaches the altar.

Next, you can read, and at the end watch on video, an interview that will make you laugh and cry more than a TV talent, a woman who fought hard to be able to live her own fairy tale.

-Francisca congratulations we are already days away from the wedding.

Francisca: Yes to days, there is little, little, little, excited, nervous because it is a great responsibility but also anxious and happy, because I am going to close like that chapterand give way to other blessings that I know that Diosito has for me.

Francisca Lachapel and Francesco Zampogna
Francisca Lachapel and Francesco Zampogna. Photo: Francesca

-2 years and a little more, you fulfill the dream of being able to get married by Church with the love of your life.

Francisca: Yes, to get married now, finally, God understood that this was the perfect moment, this was supposed to have happened a long time ago, but well now the story of which we have all been victims, which is the pandemic that grabbed us, changed all the wedding plans, and we have done it in part, but finally with the religious wedding it will be completed. I say we’ve done it in part because you know that we are getting married in december to prepare for our weddingwhich was going to be in Italy and it didn’t happen, but now, the time has come to complete it and I’m sure it’s going to be a special ceremony, I’m going to flow, whatever Diosito wants to happen that day.

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-You are very nervous? what makes you nervous the most?

Francisca: What is normal for brides, like first of all, is a responsibility, because you are inviting people to go to another country, so you want them to feel good, that everything is perfect, that nothing is missing, because they do say that the most important thing is the couple Francesco and I, in this case, but also for me and for us, especially for Francesco, that his family is well, that his friends are well, that is something like half It makes us sleepy, but I think it’s normal. When the day comes, what we want is to flow and understand that everyone who is going to go loves us, and everyone who is going to be an effort, so I don’t think anything bad is going to come outbecause the only reason is to be there celebrating our love, regardless of anything else that works out perfect for us.

-Besides, ‘Despierta América’, the happiest little house on Hispanic television, is going to accompany you, and you’re going to be part of them, and all of us in your wedding, because starting Monday we’re going to find out little by little about everything.

Francisca: Of course, it’s because I used to come here: “And I’m going to tell you that starting Monday on ‘Despierta América’…” and you already knew it (laughs)… Well, yes, As of Monday we will already begin to reveal details of what the wedding would be, for me it is very important to communicate everything that is happening with peoplebecause I am here because of the love of the people, and I can never forget that, that is what people always say, they love me from ‘Nuestra Belleza’, and it is a very beautiful community, which has continued to grow, continue to support me , for which I am very grateful. I swear to you that if I had the opportunity to get married like this openly, in an Olympic stadium, where everyone who loves me could come, I would do it happily., what happens is that I had to take about 2 more years to be able to plan it, and even then it wouldn’t be perfect. What better way to do it than in the same way that I enter people’s houses every day, through my house, ‘Despierta América’ also to share my happiness, my wedding, the moment, any type of stress, that if the dress, I want to share everything because it is my way of making my people feel that they were with me that day.

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Francesca Lachapel
Francesca Lachapel. Photo: Televisa Univision

-What can you tell us?

Francisca: I can tell you in advance that on Monday, in ‘Despierta América’, we already revealed the exact date of the wedding, the day, details, just like that so that from that moment they start sending me pure positive energy, many beautiful things, I’m happy because I always say that I’m like a kind of frustrated princess, there’s a Cinderella that lives in me, so this is like the real thing, it’s like the fairy tale of the movie for me, so sometimes the emotion wins me.

-What is going to be called the segment that is going to be your wedding, all this coming week?

Francisca: It is ‘The Wedding Diary’, so there they are going to be like little chapters of the things that are happeningWhat if the dress, what the decoration, things like that so that people can see how the week before the wedding is.

You talk about the story of the princess, your life has not been easy, you have been given many tests, that you have overcome some more easily, others a little more complicated and this is like a cherry on the cake, if you look back on everything you have lived and everything you have had to go through to get to this day, what do you feel?

Francisca: Oh my God… I feel everything, it feels like a lump in my throat, but not sadness, it’s a lot of gratitude, a lot of gratitude, I feel a lot of pride, I feel very grateful to God, that really, as dark as those moments were, my way of believing and way of having faith, of seeing with such certainty things that did not exist at the time but that were so in my headis what has brought me here, so I feel extremely blessed because God has given me more than I imagined, I feel that everything I experienced has been worth it, that it was a good decision to come to this country when I was 21 years old without knowing what was waiting for me, that selling pots in the new york street It was also part of my learning, of what I needed to live to build the woman I am now, that he is not wrong about anything, so my heart is full, that is, it comes out like this from all sides of gratitude, because there is nothing else. My life has changed in a way that if I think about it and I say: “My God, but you went too far, but it keeps happening, because I like it, keep going” (laughs).

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-Will there be someone who was not invited 2 years ago and whose name is Gennaro, your son?

Francisca Mendez: Oh tell me if it is not the most special and the most beautiful!… I don’t even know how I’m going to react that day when I see himnot to walk because we were like this praying that he would walk, because he is already standing up and he is super strong, thank God, but when I see him, what do I know there at that moment… He is the proof of our greatest love, and generally children, parents tell me, who complain about that “and where was I?” when they see the photos, they ask their parents, and Genaro is going to say: “Oh, I was there, you kind of skipped a step or went ahead”… It’s very special for us, because it’s in front of our families and our friends, there with a first and last name with a little face and a lot of hair is the proof of our love, so that is what makes that day, which in itself was already a dream, which in itself was special, unique and unforgettable.

-Let’s imagine that you are at the altar dressed as a bride, what does that Francisca say at the altar, with her love next to her, with her other love, her son on the other side, to the Francisca who sold pots?

Francisca: Oh… I would tell him, “we made it”; I would say, “You did very well, I am very proud of you and happiness did exist for us”that would tell you.



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