Francisca Lachapel confirms that she is pregnant

Francisca Lachapel confirma que sí está embarazada

Francisca Lachapel with her fiancé, Francesco.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent.

As we told you exclusively at the beginning of the year, Francisca lachapel She is fulfilling her long-awaited dreams: she is pregnant.

The Dominican herself confirmed it this morning in ‘Wake up America’ when he shared the happy news to his fellow showmates and the audience like this:

They first showed a video where Francisca and her husband are seen telling the news, talking to the baby that is on the way: “My love today is a very special day because your dad and I announced that you are on your way”he began by saying.

“This is your first photo, we already told you that we love you very much, we want to thank people for all their prayers, for their good wishes and I know that they will give as much love as I do, thank you for being part of this new adventure “, he continued.

Already in the study, along with all his colleagues crying with the news, Lachapel assured that it took time to tell it because he wanted to protect his baby, and that when the doctor gave him a ‘green light’, the first thing he did was want to share it with his family and with the public.

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“Happiness cannot be put into words when one receives news like that, I know that many imagined it, dreamed it, others even bullied me … When one receives the news that he is going to be a mother he wants to yell at it. Everyone, I feel that what I did was protect my baby, until my doctor gave me the green light, because the first months are delicate. Today with my heart in my hand I share with you that my biggest dream is going to come true: I am going to be a mother “.

From the apartment they share, Francesco, the future dad, also spoke and said the following:

“We are very proud to share the news with everyone, and thank you for your support. It is such a great blessing that you can only thank God … Very happy, and that happiness continues to grow every day “.

Another who also participated in this magical moment for Francisca, was her mother, who from the Dominican Republic said that although she is happy, she got a little angry since, as she saw that it was published if she was pregnant, she asked her daughter and her denied it. It was only a week ago that Dona Diva learned that a grandson or granddaughter was coming.

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“Very happy, very content, I had that longing for her to grow her family … When I realized it I got a little angry because she told me a week ago”.

Francisca and her husband Francesco ZampognaThey will be both parents for the first time and it is something they dreamed of almost since they met, in fact, in a piece that Astrid Rivera did last year in the show, where everyone had to share their dreams, hers was clear : be a mom.

Recall that at the end of 2020 the host of the Univision morning show surprised us with the news that, although her wedding in Italy had had to be postponed due to the pandemic, she had already been married for a year, civilly, with Zampogna.

The suspicions that she could be pregnant did not begin with the announcement that she was already married, but because of the way she began to dress, pose and especially, because she removed her extensions, stopped coloring her hair, and beauty on his face they betrayed that a creature was growing in his belly. Congratulations Francisca and Francisco!


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