Francisca Lachapel delights fans with sexy dances despite her pregnancy

Francisca Lachapel deleita a seguidores con sexys bailes a pesar de su embarazo

Francisca lachapel She is going through one of the happiest moments of her life and to show the sexy dance video she has posted on her Instagram social network

You see the very beloved by the public presenter of “Wake up America”From the terrace of his apartment in Miami, show off his best dance steps to the rhythm of a melodic song, drawing smiles from his followers.

The host of Dominican origin, wears a tight pink short dress combined with an orange sweater that makes her pregnant belly stand out, managing to melt her fans with her well-studied choreographic steps.

A few weeks ago, she barely confirmed that she had married Francesco Zampogna And after very strong pregnancy rumors, just a few days ago there was confirmation from the happy couple with a moving video dedicated to their future baby.


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