Francisca Lachapel explodes and says she understands Chiquis Rivera

Francisca Lachapel estalla y dice que entiende a Chiquis Rivera

This morning in ‘Wake up America’, Francisca lachapel had an unusual attitude in her, so much that she surprised her own partner Raul Gonzalez, when the dear Dominican exploded when commenting on the story of Chiquis Rivera and Mr Tempo.

The hosts of the morning show of Univision they were presenting, and commenting on, Chiquis Rivera’s reaction, on Twitter, against Mr. Tempo, where he denied that it will be the image of his tequila, and called him (without saying a name) a profiteer and a liar.

This was in reference to an interview they did with MR. Tempo, where he said that both the relationship and the tequila project with Chiquis were going great. And also, he assured that Jenni Rivera’s daughter was not pregnant.

Before all this story, Francisca went out of her boxes, and said the following: “I understand her that she is angry and that she is right, for example, no one has to take liberties, no, she is not pregnant, if it is not your life, I understand her, I understand Chiquis”.

Let’s remember that, since she returned to ‘Despierta América’, the rumors that Francisca could be pregnant are stronger. His attitude, how he dresses, the fact that he has removed the extensions and does not dye his hair, raise suspicions even more. But above all, the one that has not come out neither to confirm it, nor to deny it.

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Therefore, we are not surprised that she has felt identified with Chiquis in this that no one has to take the liberties of talking about your life. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for her to speak.



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