Free Online Virtual SEO SQUARE Event October 5 & 6, 2021!

Want to learn new tactics from some of the best experts in their field? Thanks to SEO SQUARE, you will be able to participate over 2 days in a free SEO event and 100% online.

Who is this free SEO conference for?

To SEO and digital marketing specialists as well as business owners who want to effectively manage their acquisition and conversion strategy in 2021 (and also in the long term)!

In today’s competitive online market, it has never been more important for your business to be well referenced and to optimize its content as much as possible.

SEO SQUARE, a free online conference on SEO and content marketing

The conference SEO Square will help you do what it takes to get the most ROI from your SEO / content marketing strategy for 2021 and into the future. During this 2-day conference, you will learn about proven solutions from international SEO experts.

Each session will contain SEO strategies and actionable content to increase your traffic, conversion rate and sales.

The program starts at 11:15 am (French time) on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 and ends at 6:20 pm (French time). Wednesday October 6, 2021 will be the second and last day of the conference and will start at 11:15 am (French time) and end at 6:20 pm (French time).

Overview of SEO SQUARE's conference program
Overview of SEO SQUARE’s conference program

Which experts will be present?

There will be some of the best experts in their field like:

  • Aoife Mcilraith (VP Marketing at Semrush)
  • Bertrand Girin (co-founder president of Semji)
  • Cécilien Dambon (SEO manager of Mailbird)
  • Chris Green (Marketing Innovation Manager at Footprint Digital)
  • Chris Raulf (international SEO expert)
  • Corentin Mirande (SEO & Content Expert)
  • Eli Schwartz (growth advisor and strategic SEO consultant)
  • Gerry White (SEO Director at Rise at Seven)
  • Jason Barnard (digital marketing consultant)
  • Lily Ray (Senior Director, SEO and Head of Organic Search at Amsive Digital)
  • Mark Williams-Cook (Marketing Director)
  • Olivier Balais (CTO at Semji)
  • Tarek Reslan (Marketing trainer at Growth Tribe)

Now, if this kind of SEO conference interests you and you want to participate, don’t hesitate and go for it, it’s free!

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