Frida Sofía and Ferka, Christian Hernández’s girlfriend, tell each other everything on social networks

Frida Sofía y Ferka, novia de Christian Hernández, se dicen de todo en redes sociales

Upon learning that the participants in ‘Guerreros’ gave love a new chance, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter posted a powerful message to Quiroz

Frida sofia and Maria Fernanda Quiroz they gave each other a virtual grab.

It all started after Ferka and Cristian Estrada confirmed in the program ‘Today’ that they resumed their relationship after having ended last week when they released audios where he claims that he loves another.

Upon learning that the participants of ‘Guerreros’ gave love a new opportunity, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter posted a forceful message to Quiroz on her Instagram account.

Ferkis linda, what about self-love? Remember that they are not gossip when there is evidence. Tell that cat (Christian) that we are waiting for him here and if you want to accompany him, you too, lady“, wrote.

However, Quiroz was not silent and through her stories on the same social network, she replied to Frida, although she did not name her.

When you have the courage to say things to my face, that’s where you will be my official enemy, while you are only my fan

And already running Frida took him at his word and answered the former participant of ‘La Isla’.

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Like this or more direct? In the face I tell you the same, but which face first? #double standard. There are levels, chancluda, take a showerHe wrote in the image that he uploaded to his Instagram stories.

Do not offend the lions when it is clearer that the water cat what you are #sitdownbitchHe posted.

Frida Sofía sparked controversy in 2019 by revealing the alleged love triangle between her ex-partner Estrada and her mother, “La Guzmán”, which has brought her fractured relationship with her family.

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