From 2023 Android will reach all Ford models

From 2023 Android will reach all Ford models

Ford and Google have announced a strategic partnership to accelerate Ford’s transformation and reinvent the connected car experience.

From 2023Millions of future vehicles of the Ford and Lincoln brands, of all prices and ranges, will come equipped with Android, and will incorporate applications and services from Google.

As its preferred cloud service provider, beginning later this year, Google will help Ford leverage its AI, ML, and data analytics technologies to accelerate the automaker’s digital transformation, modernize its capabilities, and leverage capabilities. connected vehicle technologies.

Beginning in 2023, Ford and Lincoln customers around the world will benefit from unique digital experiences, built on the Android operating system and with Google applications and services, which will include navigation and voice management technology such as Google assistant, Google maps or Google play.

In the vehicle, Android also enables Ford and other developers to create applications that offer an ever-improving and increasingly personalized experience.

It remains to be seen if there will be a “retrofit” or this will only come for models released from 2023.

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