From love to controversy: This was the relationship between Edwin Luna and Alma Cero

Del amor a la polémica: Así fue la relación de Edwin Luna y Alma Cero

Edwin moon and Zero Soul They starred in a controversial romance that today has given much to talk about. Although at first the presenter and the singer seemed to have a pleasant relationship, things ended badly between rumors and scandals. Now they are a topic of conversation again after she stated that she had been raped during their relationship with the singer of La Trakalosa. And if you don’t remember how they went from love to attacks, here we refresh your memory of their story.

They met in 2014, after Luna separated from the mother of her second daughter. He attended the program Sabadazo to give a musical presentation and by chance, his microphone failed. Alma was the one who was in charge of solving the problem and after hearing him sing she asked him if he was interested collaborate together to which he said yes. Of that a good friendship would arise that became love, this is how the same singer told the program The minute my destiny changed in 2018.

At that time he was 27 years old and she 38; the age difference was not a problem and both had a relationship that they described as “very healthy.” Luna did not miss the opportunity to show her how much she loved her. Even for the driver’s 39th birthday brought him a sweet serenade.

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For three years they were very happy together and it seemed that each day they got stronger. In April 2017 they shared that they had secretly married and they were very happy with the decision they had made: “It was something very intimate,” Luna told the program TODAY, “We were alone with the judge, because we did not want the usual gossip to be made or for them to believe that we were going to sell the note.” Luna also confessed that not even their families had found out.

Surprisingly just three months after this announcement made their separation official, ensuring that they finished in the best way and remained as friends. The speculations were immediate and even there was talk of infidelity on his part. On the other hand, at the end of 2019 it was learned that they had lost a son which also influenced his decision.

Edwin was unfaithful to Alma Cero with Kimberly Flores?

This is an issue that has long divided the singer’s fans because although he has maintained that met Kim when he was already divorced from Alma, some have found evidence to the contrary.

One of them was a post that Kim made on September 2019 where he said was the third birthday they spent together. In the comments, the singer’s fans made some accounts and discovered that the times between her and Alma coincided.

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On more than one occasion he has come out to deny this, but his explanation has not convinced the curious. For his part Alma has stood by and he has not pointed to Kimberly as the culprit for his breakup.

What was left of the love between Alma Cero and Edwin Luna

The truth is that it seems that they did not turn out as well as they said because in 2018 she was very relieved of remove the tattoo that he had done with Luna: “It’s going to be about ten sessions, but go ahead putting nonsense in your hands. We are going to do it, we are going to do it now ”, he declared to Bandamax and made it clear that he wanted to remove any trace of the romance.

Recently the presenter again caused controversy after ensuring that she had had a toxic relationship with Luna: “I had toxic relationships, the last one was the strongest. Surely I put myself on the same level ”, he said and confessed that there were also physical violence.

Edwin was quick to respond to the accusations and nHe did what his former partner said. He was also surprised that four years after their breakup, the issue came to light.

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Now we just have to wait for both to declare a truce as it seems that more and more details of this relationship that at one time was believed to be “perfect” are emerging.

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