FTX announced support for Ethereum-based NFT trading operations

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FTX announced support for Ethereum-based NFT trading operations By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

With this, now through FTX can be marketed both NFT that operate on the network of Solarium like those in the Ethereum.


The reputed US-based exchange, FTX, added support for trading digital collectibles this week (NFT) based on the network of Ethereum through its platform.

This was announced by the team of FTX this week through a message posted on his official account of Twitter, where his team wrote:

“Good day! Ethereum NFTs are now available at http://ftx.us/nfts We are excited to expand our NFT market, allowing users to buy, sell and display their Ethereum collectibles alongside Solana for the first time! ”

As indicated, the team of FTX previously had already enabled the trade of NFT based in Solarium through its platform, with which this new announcement constitutes a clear intention to open space within the sector of digital collectibles.

In this regard, the CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, commented that he had his attention in this space, and that he has his expectations that the NFT enable a large adoption of cryptocurrencies in a large number of sectors:

“Now I would put NFTs in that higher category in terms of probability… with a couple of other terms on what would attract a non-crypto native audience to the sector for more than just financial investment… Whether integrated with video games, the sale of tickets, events or equipment, I think we are seeing really active movements on these fronts ”.

Exchanges and NFT’s

The measure follows the announcement made by another reputed exchange of American origin, Coinbase, which also recently announced its own marketplace for trading NFT’s.

At the time, the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, commented the following:

“I think this will be a very large area for cryptocurrencies in the future, and it already is today. I mean, traditionally, Coinbase was focused on cryptocurrency trading, and we’re just as excited about NFTs. I think it could be just as big or more… we don’t know ”.

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