FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried says Solana and Avalanche could have a good future in the crypto space

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FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried says Solana and Avalanche could have a good future in the crypto space By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

For Bankman, both Solarium What Avalanche They are trying to generate important structural changes, so that the permanence and good performance of the projects would be guaranteed despite a possible fall in the markets.


The CEO and founder of the US exchange FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, noted that Solarium could become the next dominant project within the space Blockchain, followed by Avalanche which could also rise to the top of the sector.

Solarium and Avalanche they have a good future, says Bankman

Bankman’s statements came to the fore during an interview conducted for Kitco News, where the young manager shared his perspectives on the current landscape of cryptocurrencies, pointing out some projects that could make a good place and withstand an eventual market crash.

Regarding the latter, Bankman does not rule out the possibility of a fall in the market similar to that seen in 2018, but that in this case both Solana and Avalanche could have a very good prognosis given the positioning they are registering in recent times, which most likely would not happen with the memecoins that have become popular in recent times:

“The projects that you see surviving the best are the ones with really loyal big fans and the ones with very strong use cases. I think the ones that seem the most driven by hype will be the ones that will crash the hardest. “

Upon Solarium, Bankman rated the project as remarkably significant, given that its ability to scale to millions of transactions per second is a highly valued quality within Blockchain, aiming to become part of the financial network of the future and rival Bitcoin or Ethereum. In that sense, it also included Avalanche within that category and mentioned:

“Solana has a great opportunity to do it, which I think is really exciting … I also think there are other tokens that are aiming to scale a bit more, and Avalanche is one of them.”

Beware of shady projects

Changing the subject, Bankman also shared his opinion on those recently created projects, which have capitalized quite well in very short periods of time and attract a large number of followers, which could well be associated with scams as happened with the token of Squid game (inspired by the popular series broadcast by Netflix).

In this regard, Bankman indicated that projects of this nature will always exist in space, and invited people not to get carried away by such proposals, and even less investing what “they are not willing to lose.”

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In relation to these events, Bankman commented:

“If you don’t know who these people are and you don’t trust them, there will always be a risk of a ‘Rug Pull’ being done. If they do not own any tokens and cannot mint more, there is much less than they could potentially do to gain value at the expense of buyers of the token. “

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