Gattuso arrives with the staff that made Napoli champion

Gennaro Gattuso.

Genaro Gattuso will land in Valencia to be presented in the next few days. The technician, unlike Bordalás, who initially only arrived with two assistants (later three more arrived), will land in Paterna with his usual work team. In principle, they will be syou are people who accompany Corigliano Calabro (Cosenza) in his new journey in Valencia.

His second coach and right-hand man will be Luigi ‘Gigi’ Riccio (44 years). The Neapolitan, from the same fifth as him, met Gattuso when he finished his playing career at the Swiss Sion. When Gattuso took the reins as player-coach, Riccio was his second and the one who directed from the bench when Gattuso was on the green. It was a short journey (8 games) but he developed a relationship that they still maintain. He later accompanied Gattuso in the Palermo, OFI Crete, Pisa, Milan spring, Milan and Napleswhere together they won a Coppa d’Italia.

Shield/Flag Valencia

As a physical trainer, Bruno Dominici will arrive with the new Valencia coach. Dominici (50 years old) met Gattuso during much of his career as a footballer for Milan. His paths parted but Gattuso recruited him when he was promoted, in November 2017, from the spring squad (under-19) to Milan’s first team. After, Dominici accompanied Gattuso to Napoli as it will also do in Valencia. Dino Tenderini (53 years old), for his part, is also a physical trainer and has been on Gattuso’s staff since the Milan under-19. He was promoted to the first team with him and was also part of the Napoli staff.

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Valerio Fiori (53 years old) is the goalkeeping coach for Gattuso’s regular team. Of course, he has finished the season with Genoa and We will have to see what happens with Ochotorena, goalkeeping coach at Valencia. Fiori coincided with Gattuso, both as footballers at Milan, for several seasons and once he retired, he joined the Rossoneri staff, still with Gattuso as head of midfield. Their paths parted but Gattuso called him up for his second season at Milan, as a technician. Later, he accompanied him on his Neapolitan journey.

Luigi Riccio.

Finally, Francesco Sarloassistant field coach, and Marco Sangermanivideo assistant, They are the two professionals who complete the technical staff commanded by Gattuso and will land in Valencia in the next few days. Both were part of the Italian’s coaching staff at Milan and followed him during his time at Napoli.


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