Gente de Zona releases a new album and they have a song with the voice of Celia Cruz

Gente de Zona releases a new album and they have a song with the voice of Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz, the Queen of Cuba.  she passed away in 2003.

Celia Cruz, the Queen of Cuba. she passed away in 2003.

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The Cubans who have conquered the market of the urban genre, Gente de Zona, release their next album on the 18th of this month and in it appears the voice of Celia Cruz. But the best thing is that they also participate Becky G and the Colombian Carlos Vives.

This new album Zone People It’s called “De Menor a Mayor” and it’s a lively, happy and danceable production. It is not the first time that Cuban singers have turned a song around to make it sound as tropical and Caribbean as possible. Such was the case of Si Tú No Está by Venezuelan Franco De Vita, which is a romantic ballad in its original version but took on another meaning in the voices of Zone People. now they will have the luxury of having the voice of Celia Cruzalso Cuban, with the theme “Vampiro”.

Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcolmas the members of Zone PeopleThey said in an interview with People En Español magazine that they are very happy to have one of the highest representatives of their native island, Cuba, in his next record work. They consider that the presence of Celia Cruz’s voice it is also to pay him a small tribute.

Let’s remember that Celia Cruz He died in 2003 and even so, his music has not stopped playing in every corner of the planet. “It is a privilege to have the Cuban Queen on this album”, Malcom assured while giving some details about the theme that will have the most charismatic sauce boat in history as its co-star. “The song is about joy and celebration, about what it represents Zone People. We identify a lot with Celia, it’s like carnival, it’s a song that talks about the night, the party, joy and what happens at night in clubs”, he added in his interview.

For his part, Alexander wanted to reflect on the accumulation of emotions contained in the title of the album, which also represents the successful career of one of the most beloved and valued groups on the current art scene. “I think it has been a race that has had a scale and the scale has been from minor to major, without also removing that it was the name that I always wanted to give to Zone People before,” he pointed out.

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