Gerard Piqué could not enter Shakira’s house. He had to leave and come back later

Gerard Piqué could not enter Shakira's house. He had to leave and come back later

Gerard Pique and Shakira in 2014.

Gerard Pique and Shakira in 2014.

Photo: Frazer Harrison. /Getty Images

Although all the paparazzi are on the lookout for the story between Gerard Piqué Y Shakira. They seem to be completely unrelated. The FC Barcelona player went to the Colombian’s house and apparently found that they did not give him access. He couldn’t get in, so he turned around himself, left and came back later. meeting on his return with the star of “Hip’s Don’t Lie” inside his van. But they didn’t even speak.

Apparently, Gerard Piqué went to Shakira’s house to look for his children to take them to school. When he arrived he was seen on his cell phone, but he couldn’t enter the parking lot and they didn’t open it for him. However, he later returned and found that Milan Y Sasha They were inside the singer’s van. They got down from there and got into her father’s car.

The one who was attended to, but was not allowed to enter the house either, went to the lawyer of Gerard Piqué who handed a letter to the assistant Shakira and gave him an oath from the athlete’s legal desk. Apparently, the battle for the custody of the children continues.

On the other hand, the correspondent The fat and the skinnyJordi Martin, assures that Gerard Piqué has had since December with his supposed lover and that she is very similar to Shakira. However, there is still no photo of the third in discord. The one who was thought to be gave some statements to a Spanish media and threatened with lawsuits if they used her name. She believes that they linked her to all this to mislead the press of who she really is.

Secondly, Shakira he had to go to the police with his brother. This, after a stalker painted the front of her house and left a message in which she proposed to him. Of course, the Colombian was alarmed and took action on the matter.

Gerard Piqué For his part, he was also the victim of a fan. The soccer player was at a conference and a woman approached him and asked for a photograph for her son. As he himself refused, the fan took revenge on him and published a photo with a blonde. It was later learned that she has no relationship with Piqué but that she was one more attendee at said conference.

While the separation is more and more evident and this pair begins to make life separately, Shakira continues adding musical successes. He recently released a video clip with Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta called “Don’t Your Worry” and it has 14 million views on Youtube in less than a week.

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