Get to know the lower calorie alcoholic beverages and enjoy while taking care of the line

Get to know the lower calorie alcoholic beverages and enjoy while taking care of the line

If on special occasions and holidays you like to enjoy a drink, but you are interested in taking care of the line. Know the alcohol variants that stand out for their low caloric intake and start by making healthier decisions

Maybe you didn’t know but a single night of drinks with friends can contribute more than 1000 calories, that is why due to the caloric value and at high sugar content that it can contain alcohol is one of the main prohibitions in various slimming diets.

It is a fact that excessive alcohol consumption It’s one of the worst health habits and also diverse nutrition specialists have verified that alcohol makes you fat, among the main reasons is your contribution in empty calories that is to say, high degrees of alcohol and zero nutrient content. The second reason that most intervenes in their negative effects on body weight, relates to the foods with which it is usually accompanied and especially with beverages that are used as mixers.

The habits that include alcohol consumption potentiate its negative effects, it is very normal to consume alcohol in certain celebrations that are characterized by serving heavy meals. At the same time we have the habit of mix different types of alcohol with other drinks, which are completely caloric and above all have a high sugar and syrup content, such as soft drinks and other items that are used in cocktails.

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In fact renowned researchers how Gary Taubes and Richard Wrangham They were famous for a study in which they found that alcohol itself makes very little fat, does it the way in which we consume it.

Everything in excess is bad however there are certain times of the year such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve or national or seasonal celebrations, in which it is tradition to drink a couple of drinks and relax. If you are one of those who enjoy drinking something on these special occasions you don’t have to avoid it completely, it is possible to take healthier decisions they won’t have a negative impact on body weight and health. That is why we present to you la list of drinks and preparations that contain fewer caloriesYou may want to try them out at the next celebration.

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Variants of alcoholic beverages with fewer calories:

1. Cider: 42 calories per 100 ml

When it comes to looking after the line cider is one of the best options, input for your low caloric intake and also because it is a drink that preserves the nutritional benefits of apple as is the case of vitamins and minerals.

two. Light beer: 45 calories for every 100 ml

For beer lovers it will not be necessary to do without this classic, it will only be necessary change for light variants. They are characterized by lower caloric intake and alcohol degreesbest of all is that its flavor remains intact.

3. Red wine: 65-125 calories for every 100 ml

Red wine is one of the most consumed and favorite alcoholic beverages of many, is he perfect pairing for all kinds of dishes and a healthy drink for your high content of antioxidants and artisan elaboration process. Variants of dry red wine are the ones with less content in calories and simple carbohydrates contribute.

5. Champagne or cava: 65 calories for every 100 ml

No one can refuse a cold glass of champagne, It is one of the most refined drinks that exist. It is characterized by its bubbly texture and scented white grape flavor, which go perfectly with fish, seafood and pasta. At the same time it is a drink that in small doses is associated with benefits in the brain function and prevents certain memory problems or disorders like Alzheimer and dementia.

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6. Tequila: 115 calories for every 100 ml

Tequila is a traditional mexican drink which is famous for being the star ingredient of the classic Margaritas, although it is also very usual to consume it “right” and in fact it is the best way since provides few calories compared to other high-grade alcohols.

7. Whiskey, brandy, vodka and rum: between 213 and 265 calories per 100 ml

You’re probably be most consumed drinks and although its caloric intake is higher than those previously mentioned, have the peculiarity of containing 0 grams of carbohydrates and that is why they are a Good recommendation in weight loss diets. Of course they should be consumed on the rocks or with mineral water and a touch of orange and lemon, never with soft drinks or syrups.


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