LifeStyle Gift Table: 6 reasons why it should be at...

Gift Table: 6 reasons why it should be at a wedding


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A gift table is essential for a future wedding. You have doubts? We tell you everything you need to know on the subject.

Organizing a wedding can be really stressful: between the dress, the rings, the room, the flowers, the guests… Have you ever thought about the benefits of a Gift Table?

If the Gift Table is in a second or third plane of the priorities of the future spouses, they are in trouble, because this is as important a part as the photography or the dress itself.

We give you 5 reasons why a Gift Table should be one of the most important things in organizing a wedding.

1. Less stress for guests

In addition to saving time for the guests (because gifts for a Wedding Table can be purchased online), they do not have to worry about giving something that the bride and groom do not like.

two. The future marriage chooses what goes with their new home

How many times have you heard stories about things they receive that have nothing to do with the home they imagined? Well, a Gift Table is a good way to control that they go with the style of your new home.

3. Future spouses choose useful gifts

The couple should not live this: three blenders, four identical dishes and five pans … Receiving repeated gifts or those that were not even contemplated, are some of the “buts” for which there should be a list.

4. They prevent them from bringing gifts to the party

When newlyweds receive gifts at the party, bringing them home can be quite an adventure. Nothing better than these to arrive at the address that the couple decides.

5. Opening a Gift Table is free

Specially in Liverpool open one Wedding table It is free and can be done at any time from its different platforms (in line, in store or in Liverpool Pocket). It can even be done up to 12 months before the big day.

6. The future marriage receives more than you imagine

Liverpool offers future spouses new tools to manage the event: guest list, virtual invitation, web page and table organizer. Believe us, they help as you don’t have an idea, it is one less concern in the organization.

In addition, Liverpool gives them an opening gift and bonus 10% of the total of the gifts of the guests and personal purchases made at the end of the event.

We hope it has clarified your doubts, if you are about to get married or share if you know someone who will.

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- Advertisement -Gift Table: 6 reasons why it should be at a weddingGift Table: 6 reasons why it should be at a wedding

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- Advertisement -Gift Table: 6 reasons why it should be at a weddingGift Table: 6 reasons why it should be at a wedding

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