Giovanni Medina assures that he found Ninel Conde and Adal Ramones in a compromising situation

Giovanni Medina assures that he found Ninel Conde and Adal Ramones in a compromising situation

The businessman asked Adal Ramones not to mess with him, otherwise he could receive a response

The legal battle they face Ninel Conde and Giovanni Medina for the custody of her son continues and again figures from the show were involved as Adal Ramones, who was recently questioned about the relationship he had with the singer when they both participated in the play “El tenorio cómico”.

Before the cameras of the First-hand program, Medina ensured that both Adal Ramones like other actors in the cast, they were not in their five senses when giving the functions of said staging.

“When I heard the statements, it caught my attention because at first they are totally removed from reality, no wonder the alleged state he was in every night, presumably he and two other people, there were nights that they could not even finish the functionsthat is, of that size, I can’t tell you what the backstage of that production was“He explained.

And again pointed to the alleged relationship they had Count and the host of ‘La Academia’:

Let Mr. Adal say how I found them he was doing with Ninel, ask him why now if Mr.“And continuing with the statements, he threatened to defend himself if the actor does not confess how he found them in dressing rooms:”Do not mess with me because you will receive a response

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Also, Giovanni He reiterated that everything he saw in the dressing rooms is part of the reasons he has to keep his son away from the singer.

It was part of what made her unsuitable to be able to bring up our son, there were months when the lady spent 5 nights at home and all the others fell asleep five or six in the morning, that is not life“, he pointed.


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