Global Warming analyzed in a spiral month by month

Global Warming analyzed in a spiral month by month

There are those who are still reluctant to talk about global warming because they believe that there is no global warming As such, and although we will not know for a few years whether one or the other is right or wrong, what we can do in the meantime is look at figures and comparative data year after year to find out who is right.

Today we show you an animation, in the form of a spiral, that shows us the warming of the earth with data recorded between 1880 and 2021 based on data from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) from NASA.

White and blue are indicative of cooler temperatures, so orange and red are indicative of warmer temperatures.

Undoubtedly there is global warming, what should be determined is whether or not this is caused by man or is a natural process of the Earth of which we are partially to blame but that we will undoubtedly suffer for reasons that we still do not know.

Are you still in denial about global warming after seeing this spiral? What we could talk about is what human beings are influencing in this warming and whether it is a problem that we can solve or not.

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