Go on vacation to France!

Go on vacation to France!

France is the most popular tourist destination in the world with more than 82 million visitors per year! And yes, our country has nothing to envy the rest of the world, even if the majority of us abandon it for the benefit of others…. Yet all the ingredients are there: breathtaking landscapes, preserved culture and heritage, and well-known and recognized gastronomy. Through this article, we would like to highlight certain regions of our beautiful France and show you its many tourist attractions!

Why go on vacation to France?

The diversity of French landscapes

From north to south, from east to west, France has a diversity of breathtaking natural landscapes! Between mountainous landscapes, magnificent beaches of the south or the west, countryside, cities, France offers us a panorama of nuggets to visit. In each of the regions of France, there is something to draw your camera: the lavenders of Provence, the cliffs of Normandy, the coves of Brittany, the dune of Pilat on the Atlantic coast, the Ocres of Lubéron, the creeks of Corsica, the city of Paris, the villages of the east or the Alps. Each destination in the 4 corners of the country invites us to travel and change of scenery, which makes France one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

French gastronomy

When eating becomes an art, it is in France that it happens, it seems that our gastronomy is the best in the world! French food is varied, typical, popular and authentic and each region has its specialties:

  • The north marked by its Flemish influences, there is a lot of butter, cream, cheese, potatoes (French fries, French fries …), meat and of course beer!
  • The east, where the dishes are tasty and generous such as sauerkraut, coq au vin, pies and quiches of all kinds and for a little touch of sweetness, macaroons!
  • The south, where we no longer present the herbs of Provence that perfume our dishes, the tapenade to enjoy as an aperitif, the socca that comes out of the oven … The good smells of the south!
  • The west, bordered by the sea and the ocean, offers us fish, shellfish and crustaceans, without forgetting of course the great wines of the southwest!
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Note that the emblem and French pride is cheese! In all its forms, in all our dishes and everywhere in France. Regarding the grands crus, France is known worldwide thanks to champagne! Did you know that the “French gastronomic meal” entered the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010, when we tell you that France and gastronomy are one, we are now talking about French gastronomic heritage, just that !

The cultural, historical and artistic heritage of France

The French heritage brings together many memories of the past: castles, churches, basilicas, listed monuments, natural sites … It is very rich, varied, ancient and well preserved, which delights, young and old! In addition to the vestiges of the past, France also has many internationally renowned artists, musicians, painters, architects, fashion designers… French know-how envied by all!

Did you know that France has 45 UNESCO World Heritage sites. This label distinguishes cultural or natural sites which represent “exceptional universal value”.

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Travel differently in France

Traveling in your country can be the right opportunity to travel differently to fully benefit from the riches of our country! Many means of transport are adequate for touring France, here are 3 examples that we like:

  • In a van or a campsite to travel the Atlantic coast or the wine route in Alsace!
  • By bike, do you like it? Know that there are many routes and this will allow you to taste slow tourism!
  • By train, what a great idea! Our country is very well served and there are still steam or cogwheel trains to visit little corners of paradise.
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So what are you going to choose for your next getaway?

Support French tourism

This year 2020 was unfortunately marked by the almost total shutdown of our country…. Lunch and dinner in good French restaurants, have a drink along the beaches, visit our museums and castles as well as our tourist sites, stay in beautiful places, our country is ready to welcome you for a superb vacation.

And other good news by traveling in France, you reduce your carbon footprint by not taking the plane!

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Where to go on vacation in metropolitan France?


Normandy and its treasures for an exotic getaway! In Normandy, you will find traditions, authenticity, natural beauties and good gastronomy. A destination for relaxation and leisure popular with families, it is also very suitable for a stay with friends or a weekend for two, the timeless Normandy will delight you.

The essential Next Travel: stop in the small fishing ports to taste platters of seafood and mussels, a real treat!

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Brittany is a region full of surprises! A destination often shunned due to bad weather and yet… There is a host of landscapes as breathtaking as each other, between small port towns, white sand beaches or even coves with turquoise waters! Beyond feasting your eyes, you will also feast your taste buds with their many culinary specialties.

The essential Next Travel: spend a day on the island of Bréhat, to visit only on foot or by bike!

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The Atlantic coast

For a holiday in complete relaxation, go to the Atlantic coast!

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Water sports, bike rides, discovering typical villages…, you will love this coast! The Bassin d’Arcachon, Cap Ferret, Hossegor, Bordeaux, Lacanau. So many corners that will make your vacation a success. The must, take a roadtrip on the shores of the ocean to discover as much as possible!

The essential Next Travel: Take the boat to the Banc d’Arguin, this natural wonder in the Arcachon basin.

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The Riviera

The Côte d’Azur is full of magnificent villages and landscapes that deserve a glance.

The balance between palaces, luxury, glitter, old hilltop villages, green mountain valleys and blossoming mimosas make this region a place full of surprises and treasures, ideal for a good holiday!

The essential Next Travel: discover the creeks by boat to visit the coast in every nook and cranny and take a dip in the turquoise water.

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Corsica, which we no longer present to you, is a real gem! Between magnificent white sand beaches, coves, mountains, natural parks, small villages… This island of beauty is aptly named and puts us in awe. The numerous tourist attractions of Corsica allow a large number of diverse and varied activities as much for sportsmen as for those who wish to relax. Corsica is also perfect for a roadtrip between land and sea!

The essential Next Travel: Admire Corsica thanks to the Trinighellu, from Ajaccio to Bastia or Calvi via Corte you will see sumptuous landscapes

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How to organize my holidays in France?

Thanks to Next Travel advisers! We are at your disposal to organize your French stay. Quickly discover our concept and our offers!

Whether your trip is by car, train, van or bicycle, in 5 * hotels, guesthouses or in a villa, with or without children, for a weekend or for a roadtrip, you are at a good place ! We have produced a very complete notebook on France of more than 100 pages available for free here.

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