Going to 15 inches would not be the only change planned on iPad

iPad Pro Max concept

More and more users are beginning to favor the iPad for the sake of productivity, especially since the telework has become democratized. The Apple tablet has also experienced meteoric growth in recent years, with $ 7.2 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2021. This is the fifth most prolific sector for the brand, behind Macs.

But as we had already pointed out the previous year, it is still quite difficult for some consumers to see the interest of such products in the face of the undeniable one of the MacBooks. The manufacturer does not intend to clarify the situation, at least for the moment. And that’s also what a few improvements apparently on the way to the touchscreen range suggest…

An even more powerful OS?

In its usual newsletter power-onMark Gurman (Bloomberg) thus believes that Apple would not not port macOS to iPad. This is one thing, but this time the journalist wanted to go further and proposes to decline the operating system of tablets in three modes, the first of which would be the current interface. The second, meanwhile, would be optimized according to the possibilities offered by the Apple Pencil. Finally, a third would fully exploit the advantages of larger accessories such as the MagicKeyboard or the touchpad.

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These improvements could then be accompanied by additional features, headlined by a multitasking mode even more powerful than Split View, including real floating or resizable windows à la Monterey. For Gurman, it should even be possible to minimize them in the dock, which should also accommodate files to move as it pleases on the home screen such as the desktop on a computer.

What do you think of such ideas? Remember that these are not hypotheses based on leaks but rather simple suggestions, which the author justifies by the difficulty for Apple to maintain the current design of its programs with a wider diagonal.

Demonstration in June

To find out if Apple will take the trouble to update its iPad, the appointment is given. The WWDC is indeed scheduled for June 6, 2022, where we will most certainly discover iPadOS 16 and its new features. In particular, the app switching animation should be modified.

On the hardware side, it is mainly Macs that are expected at the turn. The 15-inch tablet that Gurman already hinted at earlier, meanwhile, doesn’t have a rumored release date just yet.

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