LifeStyle Relationships 3 Golden Rules For Dealing With Divorce

3 Golden Rules For Dealing With Divorce


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Avoiding conflicts after divorce can be challenging. This is a time where both people are usually hurt or dissatisfied, which increases the chances of friction or dispute.

However, there are ways to cope with the situation and to reach a consensus so that there is mutual respect, and above all, so that children are not so affected.

Rules for Dealing with divorce

Changes in perspective

According to Juan Ortiz Liñán, who has a degree in Psychology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the divorce it’s a grieving process, as pointed out in an article for Infobae.

The first thing to do, according to this expert, is recognizing that changes will come, and with it changes in mood ranging from denial to anger and depression. By accepting that this process will be lived, it will be easier to forgive yourself and the other person.

Another thing that is experienced during this process is the belief of not being able to continue with the routine, and a feeling of disability, which prevents the ability to recognize the skills. That is why it is necessary to start new projects and make changes that adapt or are appropriate for the new situation.

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“Beware of the enemy”

Something that is usually common in the process of dealing with divorce is seeing the ex-partner as an enemy. It is true that there are things that marked the relationship, however, seeing the situation from this perspective does a lot of damage, especially to children.

This implies breaking with the circle of violence. If the relationship was marked by quarrels and fights, after the divorce, it is possible to break this circle.

On the other hand, the idea of ​​a sense of belonging must be abandoned. After the divorce, everyone can continue, and if they wish, start new relationships. You have to stop calling the other person, my husband or my wife, this will help to accept the new situation.

Do not involve children

Children also suffer from this situation, so they should not be forced to take sides. Each one must take responsibility for their actions, and show the children the love they deserve and explain the situation according to their age.

You can deal with divorce in a healthy way and see the other person without rancor. Although the healing process takes time, it is possible to go ahead and start a new life project.

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