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Consejo bueno pero insensible

I’m going to give you some good advice that may sound a bit insensitive, but life has taught me that you have to think of one first and then others.

Surely you have heard when getting on a plane that in an emergency you must first put on your life jacket and then think about helping others, this is not selfishness, it is survival. And the same happens in life, to help others you must first be well, otherwise you would be giving what you don’t have.

Stop pleasing others and comply with what everyone asks of you. Learn to say NO! Whoever asks you for a favor and you can’t do it because you don’t want to or can’t, tell him: “NO.” Whoever asks you for money and you don’t want to lend it, tell him: “NO.” Whoever asks for more of your valuable time and you have no desire to give it say: “NO”.

Give your precious time, energy and resources only to those people who deserve it because you know they would do it for you too. Do not do things out of obligation or because you think they will stop loving you. What is given by force does not bear fruit.

Just say “YES” when it comes from your heart. When things are given with love, they return to you multiplied. Learn to set limits, it is a powerful way to show your self-love.

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