Good news, the iMac Pro would still be in development

Mac Studio vs Mac mini

Will Apple launch an iMac Pro? This is the question that many fans of the Cupertino company are asking. Logic would dictate that the firm would launch a successor for the iMac Pro which it stopped selling in 2021 or for the 27-inch iMac, with an Intel processor which has not been marketed since March.

However, it is possible that Apple is in no hurry to launch new models, since it already offers the overpowered Mac Studio to professionals, as well as the Studio Display screen. Some also think that the mac studio will replace some iMacs.

No, the Mac Studio won’t replace the iMac Pro, says Gurman

But the good news is that a new iMac Pro would be well on the way. In any case, this is indicated by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg journalist, in his latest newsletter, relayed by our colleagues from MacRumours.

In the question/answer part, the journalist explains why he believes that Apple is still developing an iMac with a larger screen and targeting professionals. Combining a Mac Studio or Mac mini with a Studio Display wouldn’t satisfy many business users who want a larger screen, he said.

Thus, Gurman predicts that this new iMac Pro should use a variant of the future M3 chip, such as the M3 Pro or the M3 Max, and thus have performance comparable to that of a MacBook Pro.

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But of course, as usual, this kind of rumor is to be considered with some reserve.

Macs, a new priority for Apple

If the iPhone is Apple’s flagship product, Mark Gurman suggests in his newsletter that lately, regarding the development of chips, the Cupertino company would have prioritized Macs. Apple has already released five different chips for its computers and more are said to be in development.

This is of course good news for Macs, but the journalist wonders if it has affected the development of chips for other products. Indeed, it is possible that Apple has directed its resources towards the development of these Apple Silicon chips for Mac, to the detriment of other categories of products.

For example, regarding the Apple Watch 8, which should be released this year, the performance would be more or less equivalent to that of the Apple Watch 7 and the Apple Watch 6. And on the iPhone side, rumors suggest that iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max should use the same A15 chip as iPhone 13, and only iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max would benefit from a new chip called A16.

And the journalist even suggests that this prioritization of Mac chips may have also affected the development of Apple’s 5G modems. As a reminder, currently, the Cupertino company equips its iPhone with modems manufactured by Qualcomm (with which Apple has made peace in return for a payment of several billion dollars).

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Nevertheless, Apple is already trying to get rid of this supplier by developing its own 5G modems, via a division of Intel acquired for 1 billion dollars. The problem is that according to recent rumors, the development of these modems would be floundering and as a result, Apple should still depend on Qualcomm for the next few years.

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