Goodbye to close-up glasses? FDA Approves Drops for Presbyopia Patients

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After two clinical studies, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) I authorize the use of the ophthalmic solution Vuity, for the treatment of presbyopia, a degenerative eye condition that mainly develops with age after 40 and produces blurred vision of nearby objects.

These studies, which were approved in October, meet the criteria of improve near vision in low light conditions, but without loss in distant vision.

What’s more, demonstrated safety and tolerability of the drops.

Fifteen minutes after application, the drops proved effective for an average of six hours. This can replace the glasses used to read by about 128 million people in the United States, with difficulties to see up close.

In search of treatments

Abbvie, the laboratory that makes the drops, said in a statement that “this important innovation in age-related eye health, reflects our commitment to advanced vision care and expands our leading portfolio of treatments for vision care providers and their patients. ”

He added that “the FDA approval is an example of our continuing search for innovative new treatments that push the boundaries of what is possible in eye care.”

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, presbyopia – a normal part of aging whose etymology precisely means “old eye” – is the loss of the ability to see closely.

The manufacturer advises that the drops should be used in mild to intermediate cases of blurred vision, and that their effectiveness is reduced after 65 years. In addition, it is not recommended for use in low light conditions, much less for driving at night.

“We are proud to offer Vuity as the first eye drops of its kind that we believe will change the way people and their ophthalmologists approach presbyopia.”

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