Business Automobiles Goodbye to SMG, hello manual change!

Goodbye to SMG, hello manual change!


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They say the best BMW M are the manuals and that the automatic versions are not as desired or as popular as these -this leaves aside the current automatic versions-.

To put an end to the automatic gear problems, now we have known that Everything M3s, a Banbury-based BMW high-performance car specialist, has announced the launch of its manual gearbox conversion kits for the E46 M3 CSL.

Revered by collectors and drivers around the world, the BMW M3 E46 CSL It is considered one of the best sports models of all time, although for many it has a point against it, the gearbox.

For many, the gearbox this model equips can often ruin the driving pleasure of an otherwise perfect car.

Supercar expert James Cottingham commented: “The SMG system simply doesn’t work as well as modern systems. Everything M3s has done a fabulous job converting the SMG transmission and replacing it with a manual one. ”

The specialist sells his product as a complete kit and has 180 original BMW parts.

In a complex but accessible process the SMG gearbox is removed from the vehicle, a self-centering shift mechanism is added, a new clutch and flywheel is installed and finally, the engine management system is reprogrammed to associate with a manual transmission.

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Protecting the originality of the M3 CSL so as not to alter its value is one of the keys to the conversion and therefore the entire process is reversible and all parts can be kept to guarantee a correct return to the factory state at any time.

The conversion kits start at 3,500 pounds, which in exchange is about 3,878 euros.

Although there is a long waiting list for the conversion, the delivery times are reasonable and can fit into your plans to purchase one of the units or perhaps the conversion of an existing model.


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- Advertisement -Goodbye to SMG, hello manual change!Goodbye to SMG, hello manual change!

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