Goodbye Zcash! Mining in Braiins will focus only on Bitcoin

Key facts:
  • Zcash miners will have one month to migrate to another pool and collect rewards.

  • The decision coincides with the launch of Braiins Pool, the new name for Slush Pool.

The company that manages the oldest mining pool in the ecosystem is concentrating all its energy on Bitcoin mining. Braiins’ announcement is especially targeted at miners of Zcash, a privacy-focused protocol, who use their services.

In a release released yesterday, Braiins indicates that they will stop “supporting” the Zcash mining pool that uses the services of the pool as of September 1. “We want to actively improve only Bitcoin mining-related services,” the Braiins team argues.

The decision of the Braiins team could be related to the plans that disclosed Electric Coin Company in November of last year. According to the road map of this company, Zcash mining will switch from using the proof of stake (PoS) methodleaving proof of work (PoW) behind.

We have always considered ZEC mining as a valuable additional service for some of our clients. But given the latest developments and problems in the Zcash ecosystem, we will stop providing this service, which cannot reach the level of quality that we want to provide to our customers.

Braiins, a company specialized in Bitcoin mining.

According to the Braiins statement, this would be the last month to mine Zcash in Slush Pool, the mining pool managed by this company. They suggest to Zcash miners, who use the service, that in this period of time they connect their equipment to other pools and platforms.

“If you need to export mining data, do it during August. As of September, the fund will only be accessible for payments, “they recommend. They also indicate that starting in September all data related to Zcash will “completely disappear”.

A few weeks ago, Braiins announced that Slush Pool, the first mining pool in history, will change its name in September. From then on, it will begin to be called Braiins Pool, as we reported in CriptoNoticias.

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