Google business profile: optimize your profile in Paris?

optimisation fiche google my profil paris

Now that we have seen who is eligible for the creating a Google business profilelet’s see together some practical cases to Paris !

Optimize the profile of a bar restaurant in Paris

You are a restaurant located in the heart of Paris in one of the 20 arrondissements, and you wish to obtain more visitors to your restaurant bar ? Here are some tips for optimize your listing :

      1. Optimize it title of your listing with your main keyword. Example: Your specialty is the vegan burger? Put “paris vegan burger restaurant”
      2. fill in your description with the maximum of keywords that enters the semantic universe: example “without meat” “fresh vegetables”, “homemade”, “Paris + name of the district” “vegan recipe”… Make you want, and bring the maximum of information.
      3. Add your Opening hours and your opening days. Remember to update your file on public holidays.
      4. Add a menu and prices
      5. If you offer it, inform the delivery providers like Uber eats, Deliveroo or another delivery system in Paris
      6. Add services such as home delivery, click n collection, meals on site, reservation do not forget to mention districts such as delivery in Paris 11th, delivery in the Marais district…
      7. Add beautiful pictures places, your rooms, the kitchen, the team, but also your dishes. It has to inspire.

Optimize the page of a store in Paris

Stores have a great interest in use Google Business Profile to drive in-store traffic. What is important to remember is that 90% of people looking for a business do it on their mobile. The other thing to remember is that no one is often doing their instant research when they need it. So, as much to say that if you are not present on Google Maps, you are missing a golden opportunity to obtain new customers in store. This is all the more true in Paris, because the competition is fierce, the city is big, the neighborhoods and arrondissements abound with commerce and other stores vying for the limelight. Among these stores we find in the top list in Paris:

  • Clothes shop
  • Decoration shop
  • DIY store
  • Grocery store

Therefore, you will have to know how to stand out and give as much useful information as possible to your potential visitors. Here is a list of essential elements to note in your store Google business profile:

  • Opening hours
  • Access (PRM)
  • Photos of your store with the decor, your teams, the shelves, the general atmosphere
  • Your promotions! You can do them as a post or as a product sheet.
  • Your services (click n collect, sale on site, etc.)
  • your website
  • The opinions

Speaking of reviews: of course you can’t put reviews on your listing yourself! Here are some tips for collect the opinions of your customers in Paris :

  • Offer a discount for a review
  • Collect the email address of your customers and ask them for a review a few days after your purchase
  • Share the review form link on your social networks

Other things to know about reviews:

  1. Answer it regularly
  2. Faced with negative reviews, find an appropriate response and a solution to satisfy the customer

The Google business profile is a real lever for work on your e-reputation and generate traffic. In the case of a boutique or a store, the card generally generates a good number of incoming calls, trip requests and store visits. You can see all this information in the statistics section in order to measure and know how your customers find you.

optimize the file of a medical office or liberal profession

The liberal professions also need to know each other in order to create a client file and a patient base in Paris. Competition in this area is fierce, because most people looking for a service rely on word of mouth, their geographical area (especially the arrondissements and districts of Paris), but also Google.

Who are these liberal professions that need to be visible on Google?

Here is a small list of liberal professions that have need Google to be visible in Paris :

  • Speech Therapist
  • Doctors
  • Physiotherapist
  • Dentists and orthodontist
  • Osteopath
  • Architect
  • Lawyers
  • Accountant
  • Notary
  • Nurse
  • Psychologist and psychotherapist
  • Veterinary,
  • etc…

At 1st place betting seo agencys we work with a large number of these liberal professions in order to position them on requests related to their trades and their services. For this we accompany them on the optimization of their site, but also on their Google my profile.

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