Graphic charter of Arte – an inspiration

What is a graphic charter? How can Arte’s graphic charter help you create your own graphic charter? We answer these questions.

What is a graphic charter?

It is a sort of standards book that serves as a reference for drafting company documents. The latter thus ensures that all documents issued comply with graphic principles. It therefore guarantees visual consistency in all communication (classic and digital).

The graphic charter includes the logo, the typography, the color themes, the titles, the slogan… Defining a graphic charter for your structure is essential to guarantee the homogeneity of your visual identity and consequently that of your brand.

ARTE’s graphic charter

Among the most successful graphic charters, we find that of the television channel Arte. The document is one of the most complete in the world of the graphic charter.

It explains presents all the visual elements of the channel and presents in detail all the information to be indicated in a graphic charter. It is a real source of inspiration for creating a complete and precise graphic charter. The document specifies:

The logo and the lines

Arte’s graphic charter provides for the variants of the logo and the protection zones to be observed according to the type of use (documents, business card, etc.). It also defines the thickness of the lines according to their height. Thus, the Arte logo is reproduced only in positive and in white for color prints/supports.

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In Arte’s graphic charter, we also find the channel’s primary and secondary chromatic universe. Details include weighting and colors (primary, secondary, and accented).

The typography

With regard to typography, Arte’s graphic charter defines a clear typographical charter for the various writings. This specifies the character, font sizes and styles to use depending on the medium and type of message. The string uses a combination of the GOTHAM font and large OKSANA numerals.

Finally, the document presents a summary of the elements of composition of the graphic charter (logo, sculpture, shape, typography, lines, color) so that everything is well understood.

This is a template you can download for inspiration. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to create or redesign your graphic charter. Our team of web designers will accompany you in this project in order to establish the graphic rules of your communication.

How to create a complete graphic charter?

To create your graphical charteryou need to know your brand values ​​and story.

This information will be the basis for you to define the typography, the color range, the characteristics of your logo, the lines, the shapes, the slogan and all the rules of their use.

Who draws up the graphic charter?

The graphic charter is generally established by a design team working in a communication consulting agency.

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It is established in consultation with the principal to ensure that the choices correspond to the personality of the brand.

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