Graphic consistency of your graphic charter

Cohérence graphique

As a brand, you need to maintain a good graphic consistency throughout your communication.

This involves creating a logo that reflects your brand image, but a logo alone is not enough. You must develop a visual identity and use it properly. Below, a small article which details the essential elements to ensure consistency in the use of your graphic elements.

Create a consistent visual identity

Your visual identity is the first thing your customers and partners will identify your brand and your services with. Without a visual identity, it is impossible to maintain a graphic consistency in your communications. Creating one is therefore essential to optimize the chances of success of your company or your brand.

The visual identity includes the fundamental graphic elements representing the spirit of your company. But for it to play its role properly, it must be consistent. We find there:

  • The logo
  • Colors
  • The typography
  • shapes and signs

Create a graphic charter

After creating your visual identity, you must define the rules for using the different elements that make it up.

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You need to create a graphical charter to ensure graphic consistency in your communication on and off the Internet.

This is a comprehensive document that defines the rules for using your visual identity in your communication. It’s sort of the backbone of your communication strategy. It defines the image that you must convey of your company and its values.

The role of the graphic charter is to ensure that the graphic elements of the visual identity are used faithfully to the soul of your company. This is why this document is also called standards book.

Maintain graphic consistency in communication

The visual identity and the graphic charter are two dispensable elements for good graphic consistency.

However, most companies neglect one or both of these pillars of communicationwhich has the effect of severely limiting the results of their investments.

Indeed, your visual identity must reflect the values ​​and personality of your company. Your logo and other elements must complement each other to define your brand image.

Your graphic charter must also be complete, detailed and precise. It must take into account virtual communication (internet, social networks, etc.) and the print communication.

This is why it is important to entrust your visual identity to a team of professional designers. At AntheDesign, we not only offer the creation of your visual identity, but also that of your graphic charter. Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project.

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What is the difference between a visual identity and a graphic charter?

The visual identity brings together all the visual elements that define the brand identity of a company.

The book of standards or graphic charter is a document that brings together all the rules for using the visual identity.

Can we modify our visual identity or graphic charter?

It is possible and sometimes necessary to modify its visual identity or its graphic charter.

Indeed, the needs of a company are constantly evolving. Depending on the context, it may become necessary to modify the visual identity to adapt it to the new realities and needs of the brand. This is generally accompanied by a modification of the graphic charter.

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