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MacBook Pro 2021

Research by Goldman Sachs believes that the delivery times offered by Apple on different products would resume. Lately, the delays have indeed accumulated so much that many feared that they would not receive their devices for the holidays. JPMorgan had however assured that the situation was improving; it seems that this is indeed done.

Of course, it is impossible to scrupulously verify these statements as the dates communicated by Apple are likely to change from day to day. The firm is also present in more than a hundred countries, so that it is rather wise to consider this information as a general trend rather than as a proven thesis.

Which articles are affected?

For Goldman Sachs, among the references which would have caught up their delay, we find in particular the very recent MacBook Pro of 16.2 inches. Equipped with a large screen for the first time with a notch, it benefits from a revisited design with an even more edge-to-edge display and above all integrates a proprietary processor. As a choice, buyers can opt for the M1 Pro and M1 Max, two high-performance, high-energy-efficiency chips whose reputation is already well established.

Beyond the four iPhone 13 models, the establishment also evokes the case of the second laptop unveiled by Apple last October. This one has a more compact panel of 14.2 inches, enlarged compared to the previous generation. With the added bonus of the return of several popular standards such as an HDMI plug for connecting external monitors and an SD card slot ideal for drone and photo enthusiasts. Elements that are also found on the version with a diagonal of 16.2 inches.

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Still a few days of waiting

As we can see by consulting the information specified by the Apple Store online when ordering, the times to receive your Mac or iPhone are still significantly higher than those of the versions released the previous year during of their marketing. But the dates proposed for receiving packages or picking them up in store are improving steadily, although a certain stability is still required in Europe. You just have to keep your fingers crossed that Christmas doesn’t spoil the party.

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