Greater privacy in the Bitcoin Lightning network with the new version of the Eye of Satoshi

Key facts:
  • Satoshi’s Eye is a system that allows you to protect funds in payment channels.

  • The update adds the Tor network for the connection between Satoshi’s Eye and a Lightning node.

Eye of Satoshi (Eye of Satoshi), a system of watch tower (watchtower) for the Bitcoin Lightning network, launched its new version that includes connections via Tor with the nodes of the micropayment network.

In the technical specifications of the new release, shared by its creator, Sergi Delgado, it is specified that, in version 0.1.1, Satoshi’s Eye will have a new interface for connecting via the Tor network. In addition to this, other improvements were also added within the new version.

Privacy is inherent to Bitcoin, therein lies the importance of this improvement. As there are connections via TOR, the exchange of Bitcoin is guaranteed without leaving traces.

For users interested in having this new version, is now available in the official Eye of Satoshi GitHub repository.

What is Eye of Satoshi?

Satoshi’s Eye is a tool within the Bitcoin Lightning Network ecosystem to provide security for funds. In this micropayment network, when opening a payment channel, both parties commit their funds to this opening. Nevertheless, there is the possibility that one of the parties decides to close the channel arbitrarily by placing a false amount to harm the counterparty.

Although the other user has the possibility to make the claim, they may not realize it. For this the Watchtower exists, Surveillance mechanisms that prevent this type of scenario, since they are constantly monitoring the status of the channels. Upon observing an arbitrary closure, it is notified immediately.

As explained by its creator in an interview for CriptoNoticias, although the Watchtower is seen as one more tool for the Lightning network, its infrastructure will be essential in hyperbitconization. That is the hypothetical scenario in which billions of users will use bitcoin as a means of payment.

For its part, TOR is an internet connection network that stands out for its privacy. Thanks to its architecture, the connections are hardly traceable.

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