Grettell Valdez would have given her husband a million pesos to pay off the debt of his fraud

Grettell Valdez le habría dado un millón de pesos a su esposo para saldar la deuda de su fraude

The actress’s husband is arrested in his native Switzerland for committing a millionaire fraud

Since a few days Grettell Valdez is news after it became known that her husband, Leo Clerc, was arrested in his native Switzerland and charged with fraud that he committed a few years ago and after expressing all his support on social networks and point out that I already knew about this, now it is presumed that the actress granted her a huge loan to try to repair some of the damage.

According Shanik berman, the antagonist of the soap opera “Doctors: Life Line” offered a million pesos for the businessman to pay off a part of the debt he had in the company from which he stole together with who, at that time, was his partner, this with the hopes that the problem is over soon and they can get back together.

“Grettell Valdez’s husband won the lottery with his wife because does not earn the salary of Sofía Vergara and less that of Eva Longoria, and even though she has to support herself, He already gave him a million pesos to pay one of the seven that he owes. He is a lucky man, “says the journalist in her newspaper column The Herald.

Until now Grettell has not commented on the statements; However, it is expected that in the next few hours she will use her social networks to clarify the situation although in the video that he shared in your Youtube channel He assured that it would be the last time he would touch on the subject, both out of respect for Leo and to protect his family.


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