Griezmann: “I’m old now” –

Griezmann en el Atlético-Espanyol de LaLiga 21-22.

Regarding the new Mango campaign, of which Griezmann is the image, GQ magazine interviewed the Frenchman in a hotel in Madrid. The striker, who returned to the rojiblanco team after leaving for Barcelona three summers ago, breaking the heart of a fan who idolized him, to whom he has given the best and greatest performance of him as a club footballer. From that round trip, of the Griezmann that he is now, the father of a large family (he has three children with his wife, Erika Chopenera, who has never ceased to be ‘una di noi’ for the red and white fans, all born, by the way, on April 8, 2016, 2019 and 2021), always so authentic and close, with that desire: forgive him, succeed at Atlético, wave his cape high. Here are several excerpts from the interview.

Photo of Griezmann

Madrid, free time: “I am very happy in Madrid, my family is very happy to be here. What I like to do most right now is be with my children. Since we play every three days you don’t spend as much time with your family, and it’s what I most want to do in my free time. You take advantage and enjoy every afternoon, every bath we give them, or even sleeping them. Right now they are the moments that I enjoy the most and in which I disconnect the most”.

Fortnite: “I still like it but with three children it is impossible. I arrive exhausted at night and I just want to sleep (laugh)”.

Personality, priorities: “I am zero material. Really. I just want my family to be well and of course my puppies. That’s the only important thing in life, the rest doesn’t matter to me. The only thing that matters to me is being with my people.

Current form status: “Well, although I’m older now. The years are passing… This year I’ve been injured. Right now I feel better, and I can enjoy football again.”

Do you feel if you have regained the affection of the Atlético fans?: “We’re working on it. It’s up to me to win the trust of the fans and I know how to do it: I can only do it on the pitch, working game by game. It’s a huge pride for me to play for Atlético”.

Favorite goals: “Two. The first was the one I scored in the Champions League, with Real Sociedad, against Olympique de Lyon. The second was the first goal scored at the Wanda Metropolitano. I scored it against Malaga. I like it because that goal It will make my name go down in the history of the club and the stadium”.


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