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Gtag.js: all you need to know about the new Google tag!


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Gtag.js, the new Google Analytics tag; have you noticed it?

If you’ve recently added new tracking tags, from your Google Analytics, you may have noticed something new. Indeed, recently, the platform has been improved by a brand new tag: the gtag.js.

AntheDesign explains the usefulness of this tag.

What is the gtag.js tag?

For years, Google Analytics has continuously updated its JavaScript library. Each improvement introduced new features essential to your website.

However, the gtag tag is a very different addition compared to current analysis modules. Indeed, the gtag (for Global Site Tag) is designed to simplify and streamline the markup of websites on Google.

Intended to improve sites that use the page tracking code from Google Analytics and Google ADS (AdWords), the new gtag.js tag starts a fundamental change in the world of data collection.

Indeed, this module centralizes the script tags in order to send the data to the various Google analysis marketing tools. A quick and easy way to dramatically improve your audience tracking setup.

Indeed, by grouping the data under a single tag, the analysis work is simpler and more efficient.

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What is the difference with Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is already a very complete tool that brings together many tags and helps to improve your Analytics tracking. However, the new gtag.js tag offers greater ease of use than Tag Manager.

Without having technical knowledge in code, thanks to gtag.js, you manage everything that Google Tag offers. Thus, it is possible to configure page tracking codes that communicate directly with Analytics to know the journey of your visitors.

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You can also trace certain events, such as the follow-up of purchases or the various stages of payment, for then improve the analysis of your customers’ behavior.

Of course, the example functions of the gtag.js tag are numerous and the possibilities of use are almost endless. There are a lot of similarities between Google Tag Manager and the new gtag.js tag.

Indeed, their role is more or less the same except that the new service offered by Google is much easier to learn.

First, install the Global Site Tag on your Analytics service. To do this, go to your Analytics admin console then in the tab property settings. From there, select the tab tracking information then the sub-tab tracking code.

The service then offers you a code to copy and insert into each section of the pages you want to track and analyze.

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You can also optimize this tag by going to Google’s Optimize site. An optimized code is delivered to you so that you can implement it on the different pages of your site.

Once the desired pages are equipped with the gtag.js tag, you follow the complete activity generated by your visitors going directly through the Analytics console.

Use AdWords tags to develop your audience

The gtag.js tag facilitates the various processes offered by Google products. Indeed, thanks to it, you can:

  • keep a large number of tags in a unique location specially provided in the code of your site ;
  • enjoy a simplified installation to be operational as quickly as possible with Google services;
  • centralize your data sending to the various tools rather than doing all the tasks separately.

Overall, and by simplifying manipulations, the gtag.js tag greatly helps in improving the audience of your site.

This is because the tag supports certain configuration items like triggering events for Google Analytics or Adwords marketing hits (ADS).

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Be careful when you choose to add your conversion tracking to Adwords: this service natively supports the function offered by gtag.

To avoid creating a conflict, choose the most appropriate way to follow up your readers. Whether for a business or for monitoring external links, the gtag.js tag is essential in the code of your site.

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Whether you use Google Tag Manager or the various tags like gtag.js offered by Analytics, the installation of these behavior trackers facilitates the analysis of your readers’ habits.

With this data, you can:

  • adapt your content,
  • modify the configuration of your site,
  • or to optimize the presence of external links in order to best satisfy your visitors.

Very easy to set up, the gtag.js tag has been specially designed for reply to the needs of users with very little coding knowledge.

Thus, each website owner configures his own tracking tags and considerably improves the analysis of its audience.

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- Advertisement -Gtag.js: all you need to know about the new Google tag!Gtag.js: all you need to know about the new Google tag!

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- Advertisement -Gtag.js: all you need to know about the new Google tag!Gtag.js: all you need to know about the new Google tag!

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