Business Digital Marketing Guest blogging, a technique to boost your audience

Guest blogging, a technique to boost your audience


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Perfect for attracting large numbers of visitors, guest blogging gives site owners greater visibility. A technique that has always been developed on Google, you will be able to improve your SEO thanks to inbound links.

But what is guest blogging? What are the terms to be imposed when accepting a third-party article? Today, focus on Guest blogging and its audience boosting effect.

What is Guest blogging?

Guest blogging, or guest post, is the term used to designate the content written by a third party. In this content, anchor links are placed to attract new readers to the editor’s blog. Most of the time, bloggers who write for third party sites are experts in the publisher site niche. Indeed, they will make it possible to:

  • Attract large numbers of people to the writer’s and publisher’s blog;
  • Strengthen the authority of the editor by pointing quality external links to his web space;
  • Increase the credibility and expertise of the publisher site.

In the majority of cases, the guest article offers advantages to both parties. Indeed, the editor can highlight your website and the publisher will benefit from a free quality content for his blog. A win / win relationship between different web players.

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But to write a good article, the writer must respect certain requirements and rules set up by the host site.

Among these rules, the publisher may require:

  • An article related to the content on the site;
  • Let it be unique;
  • Let the writer be an expert in his field.

What are the benefits of accepting third-party items?

As’editor, there are many benefits to hosting a guest post on your site. Indeed, it will be possible to take advantage ofdifferent opinions on a given topic. The third-party copywriter will give you a fresh eye on a topic you are proficient in. By benefiting from a different writing style and new ideas, you will present your readers with fresh content.

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Guest blogging will also give you free content for your site. By letting a third party write for your web space, it will be possible to focus on other tasks such as improving your SEO for example.

Finally, you will have more exposure on social networks. Indeed, it is common for the guest author to promote his article on the various community platforms. This promotion will put your site in the spotlight and bring you a new readership.

guest blogging exchange

Define strict criteria

In addition to the parameters already mentioned, and to benefit from all the advantages of Guest blogging, it will be necessary to set criteria before accepting a guest post.

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Indeed, it is advisable to check certain points when you leave the writing of your article to a third party. Thus, it will be necessary to be attentive to:

  • Do not allow links in the body of the article, but place them in the author’s biography;
  • Allow the editor to insert only one link in his text;
  • Enjoy an article fromat least 1000 words.

If these rules may seem strict, it is mainly to prevent the article from being too short or filled with links directing to the editor’s site. Better to establish guidelines early on and enjoy quality items that respect your charter.

The impact of guest blogging on your SEO

Guest articles have a strong impact on your SEO. Indeed, these are excellent ways to strengthen the authority you have in your field and thus progress in the SERPs.

However, it is normal to be cautious about letting someone write for your site. By respecting a drafting charter, and by checking the finished article before publishing, you can already be sure of the quality of it.

Before posting a guest article

If all the above conditions are met, you will need to perform a few more steps before you can publish it on your site.

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First, you will need to verify that the article is unique. For this you can use many online software like In addition to respecting ethics, unique content will allow you to rank better on Google. Indeed, the search engine does not like duplicates and you penalize in case of plagiarism.

Also add images to your article. To improve your SEO, it is important that you add images over the text. In case of heavy illustrations, it will be necessary to compress them so as not to harm your SEO. Also fill in the alt text of the image and add a description to it.

Build your netlinking and place internal links on your article. This will allow you to connect existing texts with the guest article.

Finally, share your article on your social networks and ask the editor to do the same. Your readers are then aware of the new content and benefit from your guest’s writing skills.

In short

Guest blogging is a quick and easy way to get quality articles on your site in exchange for a little publicity for the editor. Thanks to these texts, you will be able to benefit from many new visitors who will in turn attract other visitors. A significant traffic boost for a minimum of effort.

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