Guide to calculate gasoline spent during a trip

Guide to calculate gasoline spent during a trip

Maybe at one point you want calculate gasoline your car uses, either before or after a journey. For example, if you are planning a roadtrip with family or friends Do you always exceed the initial budget? Do not you get the accounts? Do you always end up overpaying?

Perhaps you have not done quite well the calculation of fuel costs. Today we are going to give you some simple keys so that you can calculate with relative accuracy what is going to be the cost of fuel for your trip.

Guide to calculate gasoline spent during a trip

Calculate gasoline that the car consumes

The on-board computer is a very useful tool to know the car fuel consumption. Of course, it is not always the most accurate. A very practical way to find out the actual consumption of your vehicle is: divide the liters of fuel used by the kilometers traveled and multiply it by 100.

Suppose we leave home with a full car tank and it can hold 60 liters. We make a 400-kilometer trip and, upon reaching the destination, we fill it up again. At the pump it indicates that we have refilled 30 liters. That means that our car consumes (30 liters / 400 km * 100) 7.5 liters per 100 km.

Calculate gasoline during a trip

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If you get a deposit to cover the entire trip, great. Otherwise, take the measurements as many times as you need, to finish calculating an arithmetic mean.

Logically, this method is only useful after completing the journey. If you want to know how much gasoline your car will consume in advance, you will have to resort to average consumption indicated by the on-board computer. In this sense, you must bear in mind that there are several variables that influence consumption.

The number of passengers, luggage, the use of a roof rack or the use of comfort elements such as the climate control will cause the number indicated on the scoreboard to vary. In any case, this figure allows you to make a fairly accurate estimate of how much will you spend on fuel during your next getaway.

What do I need to calculate the cost of gasoline on a trip?

It is enough to know a handful of data to be able to do the calculations with precision. Take paper, pen and a calculator, let’s go for it:

  • The first thing is to know the distance we are going to travel, the total kilometers. To find out this information, just go to Google Maps and enter the origin, destination and intermediate stops.
  • The second step is to know the price of fuel who uses your vehicle. It does not matter if it is diesel, gasoline or electric, the calculation is the same, what will vary will be the price. In Google Maps you can also see the price of the gas stations where you intend to refuel.
  • Lastly, you need to know the consumption of your car. As we have seen before, you can know it through a simple calculation or by consulting the on-board computer.
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Guide to calculate gasoline spent during a trip

Once all the data is known, multiply the total km by the car’s consumption and divide it by 100. We obtain the liters of fuel that you are going to consume during the trip. This figure, multiply it by the price of fuel and the result will be the total cost of your trip.

Let’s see a simple example: I am going to make a 500-kilometer trip and my car consumes 5.5 l / 100 km of 95 gasoline. The gas station where I am going to refuel has 95 gasoline at € 1.60 / liter. My calculation would be (500 km * 5.5 liters) / 100 = 27.5 liters * € 1.60 = 44 euros I will spend on fuel.

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