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Gwyneth Paltrow talked about finding love again after a divorce


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After separating from Chris Martin, the actress decided to go down the aisle again with Brad Falchuk

Gwyneth Paltrow.

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After divorcing the Coldplay singer, Chris martin, her first husband, Gwyneth paltrow she was sure that she wasn’t going to be able to fall madly in love one more time. However, life surprised her with the arrival of a man who completely captivated her, to the point that she decided to go through the altar again and relive the experience of marriage.

It was beautiful to fall in love again being more mature. It ended up being a wonderful surprise, because I didn’t think that was going to happen to me again. I was very, very lucky. Very lucky”, Revealed during an interview with Heat!

In 2010, during a special appearance on ‘Glee’, Paltrow met Brad Falchuk, co-creator and producer of the series, who was captivated by it. At the end of 2014, after the divorce of the actress, they reconnected again and, finally, in April 2015, they made their relationship public.

I am very, very grateful for what happened to me. I think that when one is older they put another value and another importance in a meeting like this, something that does not happen at age 20, because the difference between one relationship like this and another is not fully understood“.

A mother of two, 16-year-old Apple and 14-year-old Moses, the 47-year-old star admitted that she saw no need to reengage with a man, until Falchuk appeared in her life. “I am the type of woman who likes to be married. I love being someone’s wife and I love building a home every day, ”she analyzed about her personality.

The actress, who divorced the Coldplay singer on good terms, admitted that the end of the relationship with the father of her two children was something difficult to assimilate, but that both work to prioritize the happiness of the boys they have in common. “It has been wonderful. I wouldn’t define myself as a trendsetter, but I think that if I look back and analyze everything I’ve said, somehow I am. “

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- Advertisement -Gwyneth Paltrow talked about finding love again after a divorceGwyneth Paltrow talked about finding love again after a divorce

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- Advertisement -Gwyneth Paltrow talked about finding love again after a divorceGwyneth Paltrow talked about finding love again after a divorce

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