Gym anxiety: If you’re embarrassed, TikTok has an answer

Con la llegada de la pandemia, nuestra zona de confort se redujo a nuestro gimnasio en casa o grupo pequeño.

With the advent of the pandemic, our comfort zone has shrunk to our home gym or small group.

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Gym anxiety is real and common, whether you experience it or not. Statistically, at least 50% of Americans find exercising in front of other people stressful.

“After the 2020 pandemic shutdown, we all had a period of weeks, months or even years where we didn’t set foot in a gym full of strangers,” said Erika Vivyan, a Texas-licensed psychologist who specializes in anxiety.

“That means our comfort zone was reduced to our home gym or small group and we have to build that comfort zone by expanding it again. We almost always learn to fear what we avoid, even if we weren’t avoiding it out of social concern or shyness in the first place,” he noted.

Even if you don’t have a problem with anxiety in the gym, you may feel discomfort with certain machines or exerciseswhich can help with workouts for shy girls.

For her part, Sydney Tenney, principal therapist at Lightly Behavioral Health in San Diego, California, assures that we live in a culture that places a high value on the appearance of bodies, so it’s not surprising that anxiety is prevalent in the gym.

Being aware of those reasons, and realizing that your anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of, is paramount to both your mental and physical health.

You must look for solutions

Also of exercising outdoors or doing it at home, which is also valid, You can also use the “shy girl workouts” available on the TikTok social network.

TikTok creators like Fitpie Fitness (@fitpie365) and Stephanie Besna (@stephaniebesna) have created videos showcasing exercises you can do if you’re feeling self-conscious at the gym. As usual, these are quieter movements and/or that you can do against the wall or even in your bedroom.

“Having the self-awareness to identify that you need ‘shy girl’ moves is incredibly helpful,” said Rachel Trotta, certified personal trainer and fitness specialist.

“When it comes to the benefits of exercise, consistency is everything, so any strategy that helps you be more consistent will allow you to get more benefits from movement.”

These workouts for shy girls could be a way to escape

If you’ve experienced anxiety in other areas of your life, you know that making changes to keep it at bay can be a way of escaping.

Avoidance is the practice of staying away from a place, activity, object, etc. because you feel anxious, either because of the action itself or because of what might happen as a consequence. While relatable and understandable, it usually makes our anxiety worse the more we do it.

“We, being the wise and evolved creatures that we are, realize that we can avoid this discomfort by running away, procrastinating, numbing ourselves, etc,” Tenney explained.

If you find that you are struggling to control your anxiety levels, that’s okay. You have to keep in mind that you are human and according to Tenney it is important that you have self-compassion, take a deep breath, talk with a loved one and break tasks into smaller parts.

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