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What will gyms be like in the era of the coronavirus?


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An entrepreneur in Mexico found a way to continue meeting the needs of exercise lovers with the “COVID Fitness” concept. A first preview of how gyms could be in the era of coronavirus.

As the country tries to transition to the new normality of lack of confidence, the gym Challenge Fitness in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, he decided to isolate the spaces where his clients exercise, manufacturing cubicles with plastic and chipboard that resemble fish tanks.

Thus, people train in transparent spaces, free of contacts or risky fluids, and displayed as in a showcase.

Learn more about our COVID Fitness system Respecting the healthy distance, the only authorized training system in the entire city. Reserve your cubicle and train without worries.

Posted by Challenge Fitness on Thursday, June 11, 2020

David Rojas, director of the gym, confesses that the idea of ​​the cubicles arose after a lawsuit with his wife that led him to sleep in another room.

It was for “Don’t let the viruses pass me (…) the light went on there”, remember. «If we make some rooms and enable the facilities so that customers can enter and do their exercise functionally there should be no problem », Explain.

Mexico, with 127 million inhabitants, has 150,264 infected and 17,580 deaths.

Cubicle Interior

COVID Fitness. Only authorized training, remove your stress, train without worries, abiding by the healthy distance. 30 minutes of fun, effort and health. Reserve your cubicle.

Posted by Challenge Fitness on Thursday, June 11, 2020

Rojas, also a fan of exercise, reports that the stress By closing the business for almost three months, it fueled his ingenuity, but also raised his cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

“We try to do a lot of teaching online and things like that, but it is not the same (…), what people want is to get out, to clear up” he adds.

COVID Fitness: What will gyms be like in the “new normal”?

New rituals have been imposed, such as taking the temperature and the essential dose of gel antibacterial What gym workers offer to each assistant upon arrival.

During group classes, the only service that they offer for now and that Rojas has baptized COVID Fitness, the dynamics seem the same as always: overwhelming electronic music, colored lights, and an instructor directing each exercise and repetition.

Now, however, she is surrounded by cubicles, where the assistants are very visible, contrary to the anonymity that conventional routines tend to provide.

Each space has weights, stationary bicycles, and mats, among others.

Once inside, everyone jogs, squats, or flexes, some wearing masks, at the command of Michie Rojas, the coach of the COVID Fitness.

«Everything is disinfected between classes for greater safety», he assures.

Among her happiest clients are housewives like Aris Villa, who can now escape from routine and children without fear of infection.

«Exercising at home is a bit difficult (…) So I took the opportunity when they told me they had this new modality here», He says.

Gyms and sports centers in Mexico can open to 50% of their capacity and only by appointment in states that are in the second level of epidemiological alert, according to sanitary provisions.

The question is: is it really safe? Will people adapt? Is it a concept that other gyms and training centers will implement?

Only time will tell.

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- Advertisement -What will gyms be like in the era of the coronavirus?What will gyms be like in the era of the coronavirus?

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- Advertisement -What will gyms be like in the era of the coronavirus?What will gyms be like in the era of the coronavirus?

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