Ha Ash’s Ashley appears running naked after Mardi Gras celebration

Ashley de Ha Ash aparece corriendo desnuda tras celebración de Mardi Gras

Ashley member of the duet Ha * Ash with his sister Hanna They have surprised their millions of followers by publishing a photo and video in relation to the celebration of Mardi Gras in the United States.

The duo of sisters appear in an image they have shared through their official Instagram account, wearing accessories in extravagant colors alluding to the commemoration of the carnival in New Orleans, but the surprise comes later when within the video a person appears running without clothes because of the snow.

The fans of the musical group whom we remember for their countless songs like “Ex for real“,”Sorry, sorry“,”I hate loving youThey have been the ones who have immediately identified none other than Ashley Grace as the woman who is seen running naked through the night and the cold of the snowfall.

So it began and so it ended…. They wrote under the note that accompanies the post.

The comments of his followers have flooded the publication and have left them many laughs at the occurrences of the interpreter “At least the feet are covered from the cold“,”Long live transparency“,”Heck miss“,”Hacked?“,”Ash you took very seriously about celebrating carnivalsSome fans commented.

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