Hacked Tesla Mine Ethereum, Bitcoin and Monero, Say Their Owners

Hacked Tesla Mine Ethereum, Bitcoin and Monero, Say Their Owners

Hacked Tesla Mine Ethereum, Bitcoin and Monero, Say Their Owners For Daily EditorBitcoin

The owner of an electric car Tesla Model 3 he hacked it into mining Ethereum. Another man hacked his Tesla what will you extract for Bitcoin Y Monero.


What would the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk of this news? While the billionaire criticizes crypto mining for its damage to the environment and therefore stopped accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment, two men spoke with CNBC of how they hacked their electric cars of that brand to mine cryptocurrencies with them.

The owner of a Tesla Model 3 of the year 2018, Siraj Raval, said that he extracted up to 800 dollars a month in Ethereum with his hacked electric car.

Similarly, Chris Allessi, the owner of a Tesla Model S, connected a Bitmain Antminer S9 to your car’s electrical system to extract Bitcoin, and also extracted Monero with the car’s internal computer.

Manipulate Tesla to mine

This week, these two Tesla owners explained how they rigged their cars to mine digital currencies. According to Siraj Raval, he connected graphics processing units (GPUs) to his Tesla Model 3 2018 to mine crypto assets with your car. While the modification to the system Tesla voids its guarantee, Raval emphasized that it is “worth it” and claims to have raised $ 800 a month in Ethereum when the coin’s prices were highest last year.

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Wisconsin electric car dealer Chris Allessi began doing the same in 2018. Allessi has been toying with ideas like this for a while and operates a channel of Youtube called K-Man Auto “ working on custom electronic vehicles. “I like electricity. I like to zap, build things. You give me an electric motor, I give you a finished product “Allessi told CNBC.

How they did?

Allessi claims he took advantage of an energy inverter and a Bitmain Antminer S9, and tied them straight to his drums Tesla Model S to extract Bitcoin (BTC). Additionally, Allessi also reports that it leverages Tesla’s built-in internal firmware to mine crypto assets such as Monero (XMR). “It wasn’t a big deal.”Allessi said. “I could run the mining program inside the browser.”

For its part, Raval has also hacked its built-in internal firmware Tesla Model 3 to mine crypto, noting that the process, along with the use of GPUs, was the most profitable method. Allessi and Raval are not the only ones who have thought about mining digital assets with an electric vehicle.

Also, last June, the Canadian-based electric vehicle company, Daymak, revealed plans to launch an electric car called Spiritus that can mine cryptocurrencies.

About that, the miner of Bitcoin Alejandro de la Torre told CNBC which will ultimately mine crypto from a Tesla it is like connecting to any other source of energy.

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“The main component is the price of electricity. If it’s cheaper to do it through an electric vehicle, so be it ”Said de la Torre.

With a BMW

Mining cryptocurrency with cars is not new information. Exactly in January 2021, the publication PC Gamer reported that Simon Byrne’s BMW i8 could pull Ethereum with the electric battery system. Byrne’s car used a total of six Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU installed in the suitcase to extract the cryptoactive. According to Byrne, he hacked his BMW i8 hybrid-electric with crypto miners “Just to annoy the players.”

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