half a billion iPhones sold soon?

iPhone 13 mini

Apparently Apple has asked its suppliers to slow down the production rate of its iPhones, according to Bloomberg. But this is contemporary information. However, according to information from DigiTimes, it would be enough to look forward a few months to realize in fact that this is only the calm before the storm: 2022 promises to be a miracle year for the Apple. So much so that it would even be unheard of.

Indeed, Cupertino would have simply announced to its suppliers wanting to increase the quantity of mobiles ordered for the first half of the year by 30% compared to 2021. The result would then be 170 million deliveries, a figure which should be even higher for the period. following given Black Friday and the holidays. Of course, needless to say, as these are rumors unconfirmed by the manufacturer, caution is in order.


At present, Apple would have already received 80 million iPhone 13. But the Christmas of 2021 has not yet passed, so that only 50 million units would still be sufficient before January 1, added to 200 million potential for the second quarter of 2021, for the total score to equal half a billion in sales. An update that makes sense when you know that a third-generation iPhone SE is also on the way, not to mention the iPhone 14, Pro and Max for next September.

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If the iPhone SE would turn around 500 euros each, its big brothers could be marketed from 1000 euros (at least). One can easily imagine how such price positioning would allow AAPL stock to take off once again, this time towards the $ 3 trillion in capitalization on the Wall Street stock exchange.

Deadlines, a source of risk

The only danger capable of disrupting such bets seems to be that of delays in the Asian logistics calendar. We know that the economic context is still tense between China and the United States, with import taxes that may still be too high. We are also not immune to a prolonged shortage of chips, not to mention that Taiwan is plagued by strong geographic claims from the Middle Empire.

So, will investors make a difference? Only the future will tell us.

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