Half a million to afford this relic of the co-founder of Apple

Steve Wozniak

In the USA, RR Auction is now renowned for its auctions that showcase older devices from Apple’s early days in California. Among them, a simple diskette signed by the hand of the famous ex-president of the firm, the late Steve Jobs, had thus found a buyer for several thousand dollars.

But this tidy sum is nothing compared to the price at which one of the first prototypes of his company’s computers has just been exchanged. Functional (remember that it dates from the 1970s), it was purchased for more than $ 736,000. A collector’s item, but which cannot access the Internet or play video content. This is of course the Apple 1.

Other nuggets

Next to this machine from the last century, some twenty pages annotated by the hand of Steve wozniak were also sold for $ 630,000. Documents whose authenticity has as a bonus been confirmed by their author, who dates them around 1975.

Today, the entrepreneur no longer works at Apple but continues to dedicate part of his time to the development of IT through other projects. He is also a professor at the prestigious Technological University of Sydney, where the talents of tomorrow are formed today.

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