Has Lupillo Rivera already married? All that is known

¿Lupillo Rivera ya se casó? Todo lo que se sabe

Lupillo Rivera.

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It took a little over two years for Lupillo Rivera he will find love again after his Troubled divorce from Mayeli Alonso. Now, it is said that the singer secretly married with Giselle soto and if you do not know the details here we tell you everything that is known about this.

Last September the singer revealed through his social networks that a woman had stolen his heart and with a tender video he showed off his new relationship. Giselle is 23 years younger than him, but this did not stop the romance from arising. His fans applauded how happy he looks.

Only three months passed and wedding rumors were already being heard. At the end of December the singer announced that I already had wedding plans with Giselle after they shared a picture together where she was wearing a beautiful ring on her hand. Although Lupillo did not confirm the wedding, he did not deny it either, which kept his fans on their toes.

Now, last Saturday, January 30, they celebrated the singer’s 49th birthday together and she dedicated a photograph to him that gave a lot to talk about: “I am very proud to be your wife. I love you ”, wrote Giselle in a photograph where they both appear embracing.

In the comments of the publication, many wondered if they were really married to which she was silent, now some think that they might have secretly reached the altarHowever, it is not known exactly when. On the other hand he still does not wear a ring on his hand, so his fans wonder if they really got married and if so, why he does not wear his ring.

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Now we just have to wait for the official statement from Lupillo, although it seems that it will not be soon since he is now focused on his musical projects.

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