He did it! Heidi Klum will be able to travel with her children to Germany

¡Lo logró! Heidi Klum podrá viajar con sus hijos a Alemania

The model got, despite the differences with her ex-husband, permission to take her children to their homeland

Finally the four sons of Heidi klum they can accompany her when she travels to Germany next October to start shooting the new season of the contest ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’.

At first the father of the children, the singer Seal, had refused to give them the necessary permission for them to leave the United States, because he suspected that the true intention of his ex-wife was to take advantage of restrictions on travel between countries due to the coronavirus to extend your stay in Europe indefinitely.

However, the ex-partner has now managed to reach an agreement that includes a series of conditions to calm the musician’s fears, according to which Heidi agrees to make the necessary preparations to return home in the event that the United States closes its external borders in the future due to the current pandemic.

Also, Seal will also be able to visit her children whenever she wishes in Germany, and Heidi will have to “cooperate” to organize these meetings., and you will also enjoy “extra time” in The Angels with them both before and after their trip to Germany.

In this way, the former marriage has avoided a legal confrontation that was expected to be very long, although the truth is that the image of cordiality that they had always projected after their divorce it has been destroyed.

As stated by Seal in the legal documents you submitted in response to Heidi’s request for an emergency court hearing, in which she hoped to be authorized to move temporarily to her country of origin with her family, his ex-wife would always put obstacles when he tries to see his children claiming that they are “busy” or “sick.”


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